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We Buy Fast. We Buy with Cash.
No Fees. No Commissions. No repairs needed.

1. You’ll get a fair, cash offer.
2. You choose the closing date.
3. We pay all costs!

or we pay you $1,000!

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About My Florida Home Buyers

We specialize in buying houses in Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding area. We make cash offers and close fast, ensuring you get the money you need, now.

Plus, with My Florida Home Buyers, you never need to worry about fees, commissions, or the need to make costly repairs before selling.

Sell your house fast in Orlando in just 4 simple steps:

1. Call or submit your property information online.
2. We’ll contact you to set up a quick appointment.
3. We’ll present you with a fair, no-obligation offer.
4. We’ll close at a local, reputable attorney’s office – cash in your hands in as little as 7 days!

We guarantee a successful closing, or we pay you $1,000!

What Can My Florida Home Buyers Do For You? - We Buy Houses Central Florida - My Florida Home Buyers

Are you thinking “I need to sell my house fast in Orlando”?

We can help!

At My Florida Home Buyers, we understand that sometimes you need to sell quickly and make a new start in life. We buy houses in Orlando and pay cash every time. We also buy houses throughout Central Florida.

Got an ugly home for sale? We’ll buy it! Selling a mobile home? We’ll buy it! We also buy vacant land, multifamily properties, and more. Any price range, any condition, we buy houses in Orlando and the surrounding area.

Ready to learn more about how our home-buying process works? Get in touch today and we’ll give you a fair, cash offer for your house!

Single Family Houses • Duplexes • Triplexes Quadplexes • 5+ Unit Apartment Buildings • Ugly Houses Mobile Homes • Vacant Land • Commercial Property

Looking to sell your house fast in Orlando? We’re ready to help. Need cash now? We understand that cash crises can happen to anyone, at any time.

We’re available right now to make an offer on your Orlando or Central Florida home and we guarantee cash. That means you get the money you need without the hassles and long wait times usually associated with selling real estate. Fast closings are our specialty – we even pay the closing costs and let you choose the closing date.

Have an unwanted property? Need to access the capital tied up in that ugly or unneeded home? We’ll take it off your hands regardless of condition – no strings attached! We buy houses in Orlando, guaranteed. Plus, because you get to choose the closing date, you’re in control of the entire process.

We Buy Houses in Orlando Fast!

Worried that your home won’t sell because it needs repairs? Perhaps you’re struggling with bad tenants, or maybe you’re in the middle of a frustrating, drawn-out foreclosure process. Whatever the situation might be, we answer a resounding “yes” to anyone asking, “How can I sell my house fast in Orlando?”.

No matter what your situation, no matter the property’s condition, we’ve got a cash offer that fits your needs. We have successfully worked with home sellers in many different situations, including:

  • Houses in foreclosure
  • Sellers in need of fast cash
  • Owners in the middle of a divorce
  • People in need of a quick relocation
  • Inherited properties sellers do not need
  • Rental properties with bad tenants
  • Houses in need of major repairs
  • Homes with liens on the title
  • Properties tied up in probate
  • Homes with fire damage
  • Properties with sinkhole damage

We get it. There are many reasons that you might find yourself needing to sell your house fast in Orlando. We’ve worked with sellers who are trying to avoid a lengthy foreclosure process and the resulting black mark on their credit. We’ve worked with couples in the midst of divorce, and sellers who are upside-down in their mortgage. We help sellers with liens, and even landlords with bad tenants in their rental properties.

No matter what your situation might be, we can help. If you own a property, even vacant land, and need to sell it, My Florida Home Buyers is here for you.

Simply put, we buy houses in Orlando in any condition and in any situation. Get in touch today – we’ll make a cash offer and get the process started immediately.

Need to Sell Your House Fast in Orlando?

We can buy your Orlando house. Contact us today!

Selling a home through a real estate agent can be time-consuming and challenging. Just setting the right price can be hard, then you have to wait for weeks, or even months for a buyer to make an offer. What happens when that offer falls through, though? It’s even more challenging when you have to keep your house in a constant state of readiness for walk-throughs and viewings.

Even after all of that, there is no guarantee that a real estate agent will even be able to sell your house in Orlando. If you find yourself in this situation, My Florida Home Buyers is here to help. Why work with us? Here are just a few of the reasons our clients chose us rather than going with a real estate agent or selling their home on their own:

  • No need to make repairs or to clean up the home or property
  • No wasted time finding a trustworthy real estate agent
  • No need to wait weeks or months for your property to sell
  • No need to sign a binding contract that forces you to work with a real estate agent for a specific duration
  • No need to deal with any paperwork
  • No need to worry about open houses, walk-throughs, or viewings
  • No worries about offers falling through when a buyer cannot get financing

Selling your Orlando home can be stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating. We’re able to take all that away. Why wait for months to sell your home when we’ll make you an offer today? Why pay a real estate agent’s commission when you can sell your home without their help?

We buy houses in Orlando and throughout Central Florida, and our experience allows us to determine very quickly whether we can help you. Just provide us with a few pieces of information, and you’re on your way.

No red tape.

No long wait times.

No hassle, stress, or worry.

Just a strings-free cash-only offer and complete control over the closing process.

We Buy Houses in Orlando in All Conditions

As mentioned, we buy houses in Orlando even if they’re in need of major repairs, if the property needs to be cleaned up, or if the house is old or ugly. At My Florida Home Buyers, we believe that everyone deserves a fair offer for their home, so if you’re wondering how do I sell my home fast in Orlando, we’re the answer you’ve been seeking.

How does it work? It’s actually very simple and straightforward.

  1. Get in touch with us and provide some basic information about the property.
  1. Set a date for us to view the home or send us a few digital pictures of the interior.
  1. We’ll review the information and photos and decide if we can make an offer (most homes DO qualify).
  1. We’ll make you a cash offer on your Orlando home.
  1. You are in charge of picking the closing date. We can close in as little as seven days, so if you’re pressed for time, we can move fast. However, we can extend the closing date further out as needed to accommodate your schedule.

Want more details? You’ll find all the information about our home-buying process you need right here.

Really, it’s pretty simple. If you need to sell your house fast in Orlando, we have cash and are ready to buy. No matter the condition of the home, no matter the need for repairs or upgrades, and no matter the need for cleanup, our goal is to make things easy for you.

Need to sell your house fast? Get started now...

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Central Florida. We pay CASH, and we buy FAST. No fees, no commissions, and no obligations. Get started by providing us with some information about your property, or give us a call at (352) 519-4512...
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Don’t want to submit your information online? No problem. Just give us a call at (352) 519-4512 and we can get started.

What You Need to Know About Our Offers

At My Florida Home Buyers, we believe that everyone should be able to sell their house fast in Orlando and the surrounding areas. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks or months for a buyer to show interest. Of course, we also understand that not all owners have time or the money to make repairs, renovations, or upgrades to make their properties more attractive to potential buyers.

We are the answer to that challenge. We buy houses in Orlando and throughout Central Florida in any condition, from sellers in any situation. Of course, there are a few things that you need to know about our offers.

  • Our offers are made in cash. That means no lengthy wait for bank transfers, and no worries that a buyer’s financing will fall through. We strive to provide peace of mind and ensure that you get the money you need and deserve.
  • Our offers are fast. We know that time is of the essence for many of the clients we work with. We’ll make you an offer based on some basic information and a few pictures of your home. In most cases, we can make an offer within just 24 hours, and we can close within seven days. For anyone thinking “I need to sell my house fast in Orlando”, it doesn’t get much faster.
  • Our offers are fair. We know that while money isn’t the most important thing in life, it does matter. Our offers are always fair, ensuring that you aren’t forced to accept pennies on the dollar for your home.
  • Our offers come with no obligations. Want to get a second opinion or appraisal of your home after we make an offer? That’s fine by us. Want to go the real estate agent route after we quote you? We understand, and that is certainly your right. Our offers come with no strings attached, so if you decide to go a different route, or even keep your home, there’s no problem at all.
  • Our offers are open to all sellers. From property division during the divorce process to sellers on the verge of foreclosure with their lender, rental property that you’re just tired of owning, and properties that owners just no longer want, we work with everyone.

If you’re ready for a unique solution to that property problem, get in touch with us today. Call (352) 519-4512 to get the process started and receive a cash offer fast!

We’re Local Cash Home Buyers

While some companies buying houses in Orlando might be located out of state, or even out of the country, we’re locals. We live right here in Central Florida. We’re your neighbors and co-commuters.

What does that mean? Simply put, it means that we probably know the area where your home is located – we’ve probably been through the area on our way to the office, or to visit friends and family. We probably live pretty close to you.

We also don’t have the big billboards that national companies do, and you won’t see us advertised on national television, either. We don’t have an 800 number or a team of customer service specialists located outside of the US. It’s just us, your neighbors.

That also means that we understand your need for cash in ways that those big national companies never can. We buy houses in Orlando and make fast, cash-only offers because we understand the situations in which Florida homeowners can find themselves, and we want to help. Go ahead and get in touch with us – we’ll do our best to make your situation better even if we aren’t able to buy your home. You can reach us at (352) 519-4512.

We buy houses in Orlando, Florida. Large or small, new or old, in great shape or in need of a little TLC, we make fast, cash-only offers with no strings attached. We believe in offering a no-hassle solution to your challenge, whatever that might be. We’ll make a cash offer and you can take it or leave it. It’s that simple.

Want to go the For Sale by Owner route and save some money on commissions? Our partner company, List Now Realty, lets you avoid the 6% commission charge with a flat fee MLS listing.