Buying a Purple House on 10 Acres in Clermont, FL (VIDEO)

Buying a Purple House on 10 Acres in Clermont, FL (Lake County)

Hey, it’s Matt with My Florida Home Buyers. And today, I’m standing outside a house we just bought in beautiful Clermont, Florida. Let’s take a look. So, this house is in Clermont, Florida. We’re in Lake County and have some acreage out here. This property is in Lake County, and it’s down on a single-lane dirt road, so we’re out in a rural area here. There are about 10 acres of property with this house. Eight of it is high and dry, and then the rest is back in this low, marshy area. If you go back far enough, there is a lake back there, but this property doesn’t have any real access to it. But the property that’s high and dry with a lot of pasture. You got some more over here. It’d be great for somebody with horses or something like that.

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The house itself is newer. This house was built in 2012, which makes it about ten years old. It was an older couple who lived here. And I’ll tell you more about their story at the end of the video because it’s sad what happened to them, but we were able to help them out the best we could, given the circumstances. So, given that it was an older couple, the house is only ten years old, and there’s not a lot to do to it. The main benefit of them selling to us was a fast sale. And I’ll talk to you more about that at the end. But yeah, it’s a newer house out here on 10 acres, out in Clermont, in Lake County.

The first thing you’ll probably notice or already notice is that it’s purple. And I thought that was quite strange. There are not a lot of purple houses in the country, out in Lake County. But, the sellers said it was their favorite color and painted it their favorite color. They had the house custom-built. Everything was custom-built to their specifications, and purple was one of their specifications.

So, the other weird thing about this house, which I noticed when I pulled up, is there’s no front door. There’s no entryway. Nothing. Now, when you walk up close, you’ll realize what they did. And you usually find this type of weird thing with custom-built homes. People always do funny little things, but this is quite weird. The door to the house is on the side of the garage here. So, there’s no other front door anywhere. This is it. And if you go inside this door, you don’t go into like a foyer or anything like that. You go into the garage. So, that’s odd, an odd place for a front door.

Now, I think, let me go around this side. On the side of the house, there’s what looks more like a front door entryway, but there’s not, you know, no sidewalk or anything. It’s just tucked over here on the side. Right here. So, this is more of a front door. So, somewhat weird in that respect. Some other odd things are going on with this house that I’ll show you once we go inside.

But first, I’ll show you out back here because this is the appeal of the house, so all the property. It’s super peaceful out here, super quiet. I wouldn’t mind living out here myself. I live on 10 acres, so it reminds me of home. So, this is the back of the house here. So, nothing super crazy or spectacular from the outside.

It is purple, which is hard to miss, but we’ll get it painted. Paint it a different color that appeals to more people. It’s funny, the seller; I think he was slightly offended that I said something about painting over the purple. He’s like, “Oh, you don’t like purple?” It’s like, it doesn’t matter what I like. It matters what everybody else wants. And we have to appeal to the most amount of people.

So, there’s the closest neighbor over there. So, you can see, you’ve got some space here. And then this is where the two or three acres of the property is back in this marshy area. And I think we’re going to cut all this brush down, so you can see before, you know, open things up a little bit. So, we’ll see how that works out. And then there is some fencing. The whole property is not fenced, but there’s a little fencing in this backyard area with this little gazebo. I think they let their dogs run back there. And then you got the little well house over here. That’s where the well and everything is. But yeah, let me take you inside. As I said, there’s not much to see out here. Pretty uninteresting from the outside other than the color and the entry setup.

All right, so I’m walking inside the house now. It feels much better in here with the AC. So, this is where the side door goes, right here. So, this is more of an entry door, I guess. So, it brings you into this area here. The whole house is this one big room, with the kitchen in the middle, and then the bedrooms are off to the back. So, we’ve got semi-vaulted ceilings. They’re bumped up a little bit, but nothing too crazy. There wasn’t a whole lot of upgrading done on this build. Most things here look pretty builder-grade or just a little bit above builder-grade.

So, this is the garage we poked our head in before from the door over here that goes back out front, as I showed you. And yeah, just a standard garage. So, it does have this little generator hook up here, so you can plug your generator in and run the house if your power goes out, so that’s quite cool.

And then, this is kind of the hallway that runs behind the kitchen, which is like a square piece in the center. So, this is one of the bathrooms. You can see everything is in good shape. Everything’s relatively new. There’s a shower over here. Oops. So, it just needs to be cleaned up, and we’ll get everything painted. Painted and cleaned up. There are a few little issues here and there to fix. But other than that, this one doesn’t need a whole lot in the way of renovations.

So, this is the other side of the room. And here’s the kitchen here. So, there’s a TV they left. They left quite a bit of stuff. We donated it to a charity, and they came and picked it up yesterday before I got a chance to film the video. So, there was some stuff here, nothing super interesting. Just some furniture and stuff. So, that’s the kitchen there. We’ve got stainless steel appliances. These are laminate countertops, but they’re in really good shape. Yeah, so that’s that.

Before we go back to the bedrooms, I want to show you this other; there’s another door over here, which goes out on the other side of the house. And this, I guess, is where they would let their dogs out, maybe? Because when you come out to this door, it’s just this little fenced-in area here. Kind of like a little dog kennel. So, you could see, it’s fenced all the way around. And then there’s a gate to get out to the more oversized yard. So, this must have been where they kept their dogs. The funny thing is I looked over here; there’s a doorbell. I don’t know, in case you were out in the kennel and needed to ring the doorbell to get in. Maybe it was for the dogs; I don’t know. Maybe they trained the dogs to use the doorbell. I have no idea. But there’s a doorbell there if you need one.

So, let’s go back here to the bedrooms here. All of the bedrooms are back in this hallway here. So, we’ve got a guest bedroom here. Pretty plain and simple. You got a closet. A ceiling fan. Standard bedroom. Nothing really to see.

And then this is the master bedroom here. We’ve got more purple: a walk-in closet and a TV. And then the master bath is right over here. Here we go. So, just a simple, little bathroom here. You got kind of a fancy toilet. But other than that, you know, walk-in shower.

So, everything looks like it’s in decent shape, like I said, so there won’t be much for us to do regarding renovations or anything. We’ve already cleaned it out. We’ve donated all the personal property, and it’ll just be paint and pressure washing. And then, as I said, we’re going to try to clear that brush at the back of the property to open it up a bit and make it seem more significant.

All right, so the situation with this house was kind of sad. Here’s how it played out. So, he went on our website; the husband submitted his information. You know, I contacted him and started figuring out what his situation was and how we could help him.

So, what he ended up, ended up happening was the wife had some health issues. They both needed to move back to Texas to be with family. The housing market in Texas is super competitive right now. You can’t find a house to buy. And he was having the same problem. So, he wanted to sell this house for cash and then use the money to find a house and buy it out in Texas, hopefully. And he did find a house to buy out in Texas, and he put it under contract. So, now he’s under a time crunch. He has to sell this house in time to close the house in Texas. And this was all very stressful. With the health situations, the moving, the not knowing if you’re going to be at a close in your new house, this stresses people out. So, he had a situation, and he was trying to get help with it.

So, unfortunately, before he called us, he called one of these other, it’s like a big national company. I don’t want to say the name. So, he called them about getting a cash offer on the house here because he saw the billboards, the signs, all the advertising, and it says, “Get a cash offer on your house. We’ll buy your house for cash.” So, what ended up happening was, I don’t know if they buy houses, but it doesn’t seem like they do. Because what ended up happening was they tricked this couple into signing a listing agreement for the house, not a contract to sell the house.

So, the sellers thought that they had sold the house and that this company was going to buy it and that they were going to close, and then they found out the paperwork that they signed was a listing agreement, so this company could then list the property on the MLS, which is what they did. Well, that wasn’t going to work because he needed to close in like two weeks to be at a close on the other house. So, the seller called, he was already in contact with us, but he got back in touch with me once he realized what had happened. And then, we determined that there was not much we could do to get out of the listing contract. No matter what he did, he will owe that company a commission, which is unfortunate because they didn’t do anything. They just took his money.

So, we came in. I had to submit the offer through that agent because they were the listing agent on it. Unfortunately, he was still obligated to pay the commission to this other agent for doing absolutely nothing. This real estate company claims they buy houses, but apparently, they just list them. So he ended up paying. They paid between $10,000 and $11,000 in commission for absolutely nothing. Some pictures of the house and sticking it on the MLS. They didn’t even find a buyer. He found the buyer. So, it’s pretty frustrating all the way around, and it irritates me.

So, that’s what happened. We ended up making the seller a cash offer on it. We closed on it. Unfortunately, he had to pay the commission, but we got it closed. He got his money. They could close on the house in Texas; everything worked out. It would’ve worked out better if that other company wasn’t involved, but that’s what happened.

There are a lot of companies out there who say they buy houses when in reality, they don’t have any intention of purchasing the house. They either want to list it or sell it to somebody else. Do your research before you deal with these companies. You can make a big mistake quickly. And if you have any questions about anything, reach out and ask me even if it’s something that I’m not going to buy; I’ll help you out just because I don’t want you to get screwed over. So, that’s it for that.

If you have a house to sell anywhere in Central Florida, in Lake County, Clermont, and you want a cash offer, you want a fast sale, just like these people needed, they needed to close in like two to three weeks, you don’t want to deal with a real estate agent. You don’t want to make repairs. This house is in pretty good shape, but we buy stuff that needs a lot of work. So, if that’s something you have, it will not scare us away. We don’t mind the work.

So, if you have something like that, you want to sell, you want to get a cash offer, no repairs, no closing cost to pay, super easy sale, go on our website,, submit your property information, and we’ll get in touch with you to get the ball rolling for you. And we’ll hopefully reach an agreement, put in another contract, and get you a guaranteed closing, so you don’t have to worry about whether your house will close. Again, my name is Matt. Have a great rest of your week, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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