Easiest Ways to Sell a House in 2023


The only thing better than finally selling your home is doing it fast. The home-selling process is rarely easy, especially during an unstable economy. Homebuyers can be fickle. There are open houses, inspections, and negotiations to contend with. The closing process can be tedious and expensive. It’s common to make mistakes when attempting to sell a house. Sadly, certain mistakes can completely sink a potential deal. Although it doesn’t always seem worth the struggle, many homeowners must sell their properties regardless. Is there a way to make the real estate process easier?

Here are a few practical approaches to selling your home in 2023 as quickly and easily as possible.

Prioritize Cash Offers

About 75% of the time, homeowners receive offers using a mortgage since most homebuyers need a home loan for their purchase. When selling a home to a mortgage buyer, it could potentially take longer for your deal to close. Additionally, there are added fees going to realtors and lenders. The deal is also more likely to fall apart when a mortgage is involved. Homebuyers constantly fight uphill battles against lenders to get approved to purchase a home, leaving sellers without a reliable offer.

An all-cash buyer from a real estate investor eliminates many of these headaches. It can take mere weeks to close a deal compared to at least a month when financing is involved. “If you go with a cash offer, you likely don’t need to market your home and get it ready for open house showings. This saves homeowners time and money because they don’t have to fix or clean anything. Forget about making your home ready for the market. Investors make the traditional real estate process much easier.” Alex from SD House Guys, a company with experience helping a homeowner sell a house fast, continued to explain how this process was easier than listing. Overall, homeowners should consider all of their options while not discounting the immense benefits of selling a house fast to an investor.

Research Top Homebuyers

Finding a reputable home buyer is necessary if you are considering multiple all-cash offers. Reviews are everything when it comes to selecting a homebuyer to sell your home to. There are comprehensive resources and lists of real estate companies that you can review in your area. Before officially working with a real estate homebuyer, make sure it’s a good fit. The last thing you want is to have them back out of the deal at the last minute. 

The Devil’s in the Details

You may think your house is perfect and everyone else should love it, too. That’s rarely the case. When preparing to sell a home, take a hard look at its nooks and crannies in addition to the larger elements that may make it sell faster. Sure, a well-manicured front yard and new bathroom fixtures are fantastic, but does your home need a bit of fresh paint or a layout refresh to get rid of bulky furniture?

Make sure the inside matches the curb appeal. This will encourage a wider variety of buyers to be interested in your property.

Full Disclosure

Many homebuyers are ultra-cautious when making major home purchases — and there’s nothing wrong with that. That can, however, make homeowners nervous. Get ahead of a potential deal-breaker by gathering all relevant paperwork ahead of time. Find property line paperwork, electricity certificates, building codes and permits, and more documents relating to anything and everything about the home.

Such an approach indicates to buyers that you — and your home — have nothing to hide.

Clean Sweep

Some professional homebuyers hate a dirty home. Before showings, do a master cleanse addressing everything from dusty bathrooms to windows that have been long in need of a good cleaning (outside and inside). Buyers often notice the little things — dust in the corners, a chipping kitchen island — and can use them to favor one home over the other when faced with several top options. The cleaner your home is, the more likely that owner-occupant buyers will be interested in making you an offer. This will help you sell your house with more ease this year.

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