The HOA Is NOT Happy That We Bought This House In Leesburg, FL! (VIDEO)

Buying a House in a 55+ Community in Leesburg, FL and Irritating the HOA

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers and I’m standing inside of a house that we purchased in Leesburg, Florida which is located in Lake County. I’m inside the house because it is raining like crazy outside. We actually just purchased this house yesterday.

This House Is In Pretty Good Shape

This house is in a 55 and older neighborhood and it’s in pretty good shape. There’s not a whole lot to do here, other than some minor repairs and minor cleaning, and then we will get this one listed and resold. The kitchen is just a basic kitchen. Everything is super clean, which is usually how 55 and older houses are. Old people don’t really bust anything up.

It’s a pretty cool little house. It’s a three bedroom, two bath, located in a guard-gated community with a golf course and all of the amenities. There are also no rear neighbors because the back of the house faces a large pasture. It’s a nice location and a nice house.

Why The Seller Chose To Sell Their House To My Florida Home Buyers

The seller actually had this house listed on the market with a real estate agent for several months and it didn’t sell. The lady who owned it had some medical problems. Her son and other family members got involved to take care of her, and they just didn’t feel like listing it with the agent anymore. The agent wasn’t able to sell it. The house does need a few little repairs here and there. Typically, buyers in a 55 and older community are a little more picky than other buyers. So, when you have a house that needs a few things here and there it could be a much bigger deal if you’re trying to sell the house in a 55 and older neighborhood, but we do buy them. This is a perfect case study, I guess you would say, of a 55 and older house that we bought. So, they didn’t wanna fool the Realtor, so we paid them cash and we closed quickly and they don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Why The HOA Is Upset With Us

We actually bought this house so quickly that we got in trouble with the HOA. The HOA says they have to approve buyers. They want to make sure that you’re 55 and older and that you’re an actual person. We closed so quickly that they didn’t even get an application or anything and we bought the house with our company. So, when I showed up at the gate just now to get in for the first time since we bought it, the guy at the gate didn’t want to let me in. So, he sent me up to the office and I had to talk to the HOA lady. She was a little grumpy because we hadn’t filled out the right paperwork. We’ll appease them and jump through their hoops, but she wasn’t happy about it. She actually told me that I would have to leave the community and I was not allowed to visit this house until I was approved. But, I just drove here anyways. We’ll get it straightened out. We won’t fight with them too bad and we’ll get this house cleaned up and and resold.

We Buy Houses In 55+ Communities

So, the house is in great shape. Older people take care of their stuff typically. We’ll get a few repairs made, we’ll get this one cleaned up and resold to a 55-year-old person as the HOA wants and hopefully, they can live out their golden years here in Leesburg, in a guard-gated, golf community. They’ve got swimming pools and tennis courts. So it should be a good time for somebody.

Do You Have A House To Sell In Leesburg, FL?

If you have a house to sell in Leesburg, in any part of Lake County, Central Florida, or the Orlando area and you don’t wanna deal with a real estate agent, get in contact with us. Maybe you inherited the house. Maybe it’s in really bad shape or maybe it’s in good shape like this one. It doesn’t matter what condition the property is in. Give us a call or go on our website, and submit your information. We’ll take a look at it for you and we’ll see if it’s something that we can buy. We’ll see if we can make a cash offer on it.

It can be in a 55 and older neighborhood like this or it can be in a regular community. We buy pretty much anything – single family houses, multifamily, vacant land, mobile homes, you name it. So go on our website, and we’ll see if we can help you out with it. Again, my name is Matt, I’m with My Florida Home Buyers, have a great rest of your week and I will see you on the next video.

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