Check Out This Inherited House We Just Bought In Sanford, FL (VIDEO)

Buying an Inherited House in Sanford, FL (Seminole County)

Hey, it’s Matt with My Florida Home Buyers, and today I’m standing outside of a house that we just purchased right here in Sanford, Florida. Let’s take a look.

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So like I said, this house is located in Sanford, Florida. This is in Seminole County, just north of Orlando. And the cool thing about this little neighborhood here is it’s only about a half-mile from the expressway. So you can jump out of the neighborhood, go a half-mile down the road and be right on the expressway and get wherever you need to go pretty quick.

So another thing about this neighborhood that I noticed that was interesting is all the houses here are wood-frame, there’s no concrete block construction in this entire neighborhood, which is kind of weird for Florida because we like to use concrete block a lot down here because of moisture, hurricane, stuff like that. But this particular neighborhood, all wood-frame, so kind of strange.

But yeah, the house itself is in pretty rough shape. It’s definitely been run down over the years. It needs a lot of updating and work, you know, deferred maintenance, that sort of thing. It does have a newer roof, so it’s a little dirty, but it was replaced within the past couple of years here. And then there’s just a lot of wood rot on the outside. ‘Cause, it’s a wood-frame house. It’s got wood siding and, you know, in the Florida humidity, in the elements down here, in Florida it doesn’t last very long. So a lot of wood rot, you know, that sort of thing.

I’ll take you through, I’ll show you everything inside the house, in the backyard. And then we’ll talk a little bit about how we ended up finding this house and purchasing it. It was actually an inherited house. So evidently somebody died and you know, the people who inherited it, contacted us and sold it to us. So talk a little bit more about that at the end, but now let’s take a look inside and see what’s going on.

Inside the inherited house in Sanford, FL

Okay, so I’m walking inside the house now and there’s some stuff left in here. Like I said, this was an inherited house. So the people that we bought it from left, you know, whatever they didn’t want, which is fine. So we’ll get rid of all this stuff, whether we donate it or trash it out.

But the house itself is a three bed, two bath, and it’s got some vaulted ceilings here in the center. I think it was built in the eighties.

And then over this way, we’ve got a kitchen and it’s all outdated, really needs to be renovated. You can see the cabinets are older. You know, they’re kind of falling apart, warping. There’s a lot of moisture and stuff like that’s kind of taken its toll on them. So a little kitchen here and then take you back out to the living room here. There is a porch out here, an enclosed porch, which I’ll take you through in just a second. I’ve noticed there’s a hole in the window, broken glass.

Are those human remains?

One of the things that I thought was funny as I was going through here, through this house before I started filming the video, I noticed this box down here and I opened it and there was a plastic bag inside. It’s an empty plastic bag. And I noticed, it says, this package contains the cremated remains of whoever. So I don’t know if that was the person who passed away or what that is, but evidently, there were somebody’s ashes in that little box there. So just thought that was interesting. First time I’ve ever found human remains in a house before.

So this is the guest bedroom side of the house here. You can see we’ve got a bathroom here. Not much to see really there’s some busted-up, missing the soap tray there. Some tile work that needs to be done, you know, probably needs a new bathroom vanity. That sort of thing. One of the funny things is there’s a skylight up here and you can’t see it really ’cause it’s all blown out. Or maybe you can, there you go. You can actually see from when they replaced the roof, whenever it was, there’s like roofing nails, pieces of shingles, pieces of wood, stuff like that. So just kind of sitting on that little plastic cover for the skylight and no one’s ever bothered to clean it out or, you know, get the roofing nails out of there.

This is one of the bedrooms here. So I have to use my light, it’s a little dark in here. So just a standard little bedroom with a closet. It’s even got a partially vaulted ceiling in here. And evidently, somebody has been smoking ’cause there’s a little ashtray with some cigarettes. But other than that, not much to see. Got some retro red carpet there.

Another bedroom here, this one’s also got vaulted ceilings. There’s a little bit of personal property in here but not much. They actually took a lot of stuff, more than most people take. But you know, we still got some stuff we’ve got to cleanout.

The linen closet is filled with some stuff. Out here in the living room, you’ve got this sweet mirrored, 1980s, I guess, wall there. That was all the rage back then. People like to see themselves in mirrors.

This is the master bedroom over this side, with more vaulted ceilings in here. I think just about every room in this house has vaulted ceilings. And not much to see in here either, just the standard master bedroom, it’s got a walk-in closet. Everything’s kind of not busted up but grimy, dirty, you know, everything needs maintenance. I imagine the person that passed away probably lived here for a few years, you know, and wasn’t able to take care of the place like they would want to. So these things tend to fall into disrepair.

This is the master bathroom. Got a creepy little baby doll there, some assorted toiletries, and then more busted up tile and stuff like that in here that’s gonna have to be fixed. So yeah, so not much going on in this house other than the human remains.

This is the garage. There’s a lot of stuff out here. There was a roof leak at one point before the roof was replaced. So there’s a lot of damage to the ceiling, a lot of water damage, a lot of ceiling spots, just all over you can see. And then this garage door is, it’s seen better days. It’s pretty busted up. Look at that. And they’ve put some sort of foam in here to kind of insulate it, I guess, but, yeah, it’s gonna have to be replaced for sure. That’s about it for out here. Now like I said, not a whole lot going on here. A lot of dirt, a lot of grime, a lot of stuff that needs to be repaired that you know, the little problems that got worse just from lack of maintenance. Got a mattress there, some stuff like that. So let’s walk through this little porch out here and I’ll take you to the backyard.

Now, this room for whatever reason, this enclosed porch smells horrible. And I don’t know if it’s cat pee or what it is, but it really, really stinks in this room here. So we’ll get through there and get out here into the fresh air. Maybe I should leave the door open to let it air out. I don’t know.

The backyard of the inherited house in Sanford, FL

But this is the back of the house. And you can see it’s all wood-frame and all wood siding and you’ll probably even see some of the wood rot that’s occurring, you know, it’s just all over. I’m not a fan of wood-frame houses and wood siding ’cause I mean, you can see up here where it’s, everything’s just kind of rotting and buckling and it’s really bad around the side. I’ll show you that in just a second. But yeah, we’ve got some overgrown stuff that needs to be cut back.

One of the funny things is the people that sold it to us and you know, the house was vacant for a while and there’s an HOA in here and the HOA got onto him about the backyard being so messy. So the HOA wanted them to put up a fence to hide the backyard. Well, they put up a fence on this side and they put up a fence on the other side of the backyard, but they didn’t put any gate in. So there’s no way to get a mower or any sort of equipment back here other than dragging it through the house. So I guess we’ll have to take down one of the fence panels to get back here to do anything. But just one of those funny things that I noticed.

There are two sheds over here, two storage sheds, a lot of tires and stuff like that, right here there’s some tires and stuff. We tend to find a lot of tires at houses because they’re expensive to get rid of. So everybody tends to leave them.

This is the AC unit over here. And you can see, this is more of that wood rot that I was talking about. It’s just all over. This is probably the worst right here, but I mean, it’s all over the house, just anywhere, you know, anywhere you look it’s wood rot. Down here too. So I would imagine what’s going to have to be done here is all of this wood siding is going to have to be taken off and redone with some sort of Hardie siding or a cement board product. And then this is the side entrance door to the garage and the window’s also busted out. So not super secure.

So let’s go back inside and I’ll talk to you a little bit more about how we ended up buying this wood-frame house that is all rotted.

We buy inherited houses in Sanford, FL

So like I said, this house was an inherited house. Meaning the people that sold it to us inherited it from someone, you know, it’s in rough shape. So they decided to call us instead of listing it with a realtor or, you know, trying to clean it up, make the repairs, and sell it themselves. So they contacted us, they went on our website, submitted all their property information. I came out and took a look at it, made them a cash offer on it. And we closed I think it was two or three weeks later. We had to wait for their probate process to wrap up.

But yeah, I mean, we’ve got a nice little renovation project on our hands here and they’ve got cash in their hands. They don’t have to really worry about the house anymore. They just kinda came and, you know, took what they wanted and they don’t have to deal with the rest of this stuff. And it sounds like it was getting to be a little bit of a problem with the HOA getting on them. You know, as I said, they put up those fence panels on either side of the house to kind of, you know, satisfy the HOA. So it was getting to be a stressful problem, this house. And you know, now they don’t have to deal with it anymore. It’s our problem now. And we’re gonna get started cleaning it up and getting it renovated.

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So if you have a house like this to sell anywhere in Central Florida, maybe it’s in Sanford, Seminole County, you know, it doesn’t matter. We buy all over Central Florida, just go on our website, We’ll come out and take a look at it and make you a cash offer and hopefully buy it from you. So again, my name is Matt, I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you in the next video.

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