They Painted the Ceiling GREEN at This House We Just Bought in Sorrento, FL!! (VIDEO)

Buying a House With Green Ceilings in Sorrento/Mount Plymouth, FL (Lake County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers and today I’m going to show you a house that we just bought in the Mount Plymouth/Sorrento area of Lake County, Florida. I’m going to show you the house and all of the little weird things that I found as I walked through it. Then, I’ll talk about the situation that the seller was in that we were able to help her out with.

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Exterior Styling

One of the first things you’ll notice about this house are the weird styling features on the exterior.

a house be bought in sorrento florida

First of all, you’ll notice these little Mediterranean-style accent pieces. If you look closely you’ll see that they’re purely decorative and don’t have an actual purpose. This is the only house in the neighborhood that I saw with these particular accents.

There are also these foam crown molding type trim pieces on the corners of the front of the house. If you look inside the broken one on the corner of the garage, you can actually see that the entire piece is made of styrofoam and it’s just kind of tacked onto the stucco, I assume to make the house look fancier.

Another strange design feature is located just above the garage door. You can see there’s an overhang that was framed out to give the garage door opening a more rounded appearance at the top. It’s kind of a strange feature and this is the only house I noticed in the neighborhood that has it.

Lastly, there are the “stucco bands to nowhere”. There are four of them on the front of the house, one on each side of the garage, and one on each side of the front window. You can see that these stucco bands are so short that they’re essentially just squares. I assume that they’re just there for decoration, but it’s definitely a strange design choice that I’ve never seen before.

Moving on to the backyard you can see that this house kind of sits on a hill and there’s a retaining wall between this house and the house next door. All of the houses on this steep section of the street have these retaining walls so that the foundations don’t wash away. Other than that, this is a fairly standard Florida house.

Inside The House

The inside of the house is fairly normal. There’s not much to see as far as weird layouts. It’s just a standard, mid-2000’s builder-grade house.

One of the first things you will notice as you walk inside the house is that most of the flooring is gone. You’ll also notice that the concrete slab is really dark. I thought maybe it could just be dark concrete, but if you look at the concrete slab in the master bedroom and compare it to the slab in the living room, you can tell that the living room slab is much darker.

I asked the seller why the concrete is so dark in the living room and she told me that she actually painted the concrete slab with chalkboard paint so her kids could draw on it with chalk while she was here at the house attempting to remodel it. I guess it’s an interesting way to keep the kids entertained, but I have never seen chalkboard paint on the floor of a house before until now.

Now moving on to the kitchen. You can see it’s just a standard builder-grade kitchen with basic cabinets, laminate countertops, and some basic white appliances that have seen better days. The kitchen cabinet under the sink is completely water damaged. I don’t know if we’ll end up replacing the cabinets in this house or not. We’ll take a look and see if we can salvage any of them. Other than the damaged cabinets, it’s a pretty normal kitchen with a fairly typical layout for a mid-2000’s house.

As you walk into the master suite, you’ll notice that it’s fairly normal as well. There’s nothing interesting to see. In the master bathroom, you’ll find a garden tub and a separate shower stall. There’s also a separate room for the toilet and a pretty big walk-in closet. Other than that, there’s not much going on in the bathroom or in the master bedroom.

Now moving on to the guest bedrooms. This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms in total. This house doesn’t have a split bedroom floorplan so the guest bedrooms are on the same side of the house as the master suite.

The first thing you’ll notice as you walk into the guest bedroom hallway is that there’s something strange going on with the carpet on the floor. It feels really hard under your feet almost like you’re walking directly on concrete. That’s because this is commercial grade carpet like something you would find in an office building, and it’s glued directly to the slab without any padding.

I asked the seller why she chose this commercial carpet without padding for the house, and she told me that she had this carpet installed because it was all she could afford at the time and she needed something cheap to cover the concrete slab in the guest bedrooms. I’ve never seen this type of carpet installed in a residential house before, but here it is in this one.

And then there’s the guest bathroom. There’s not really much to see. It’s just a standard builder-grade guest bathroom.

We’ve bought a lot of houses in the years we’ve been local cash home buyers, and we’ve seen some pretty crazy paint colors, but nothing compares to the paint in one of the guest bedrooms at this house! You can see that this crazy bright green paint is not only on the walls, but it’s even on the ceiling. Yes, they painted the walls and the ceiling of this bedroom with bright, lime green paint. I assume this was a kid’s bedroom which could explain the loud color. I can only imagine how many coats of paint it’s going to take to cover it up.

Moving on to the laundry room and the garage. You can see the laundry room is not much more than a little room that has hookups for a washer and dryer.

Walking into the garage you’ll notice that it’s a pretty standard Florida garage. There’s not much going on here either. There’s the water heater, the A/C unit, and the electrical subpanel.

One of the interesting things about this garage is that there’s no garage door opener. That means that the garage door has to be opened and closed manually. There is a spot on the ceiling where the garage door opener should have been. And you can see next to the garage entry door that the wiring for the garage door opener was installed. This house basically has everything but the opener itself.

I asked the seller why there was no garage door opener and she told me that it never had one. It came from the builder without one. So the house sold new for $150,000 in 2003 and the builder didn’t even bother to throw in a garage door opener. They only cost a couple of hundred bucks, but I guess it was something they tried to save money on. It’s definitely strange and it’s a weird feature to skimp out on.

As you walk out onto the back porch you can see that there’s a great view of not only the neighbor’s pool but also of this open, grassy area behind the house. You might think that it’s the golf course. After all, this neighborhood is called “The Fairways”. Well, that’s not the case. Despite being called “The Fairways” this neighborhood has no golf course. So that grassy area is not a fairway or a golf course. It’s just an open area. I assume it’s where the golf course or the fairway would have gone if “The Fairways” actually had a fairway.

How We Helped The Seller With This House

As always, there’s a story behind this house and a reason why the seller chose to sell their house to a local cash home buyer instead of listing with a real estate agent.

In this case, the seller was the original owner of the house. She and her husband bought it new in 2003. They eventually got divorced and the house was left to the wife. She tried remodeling the house over the years and getting it ready to sell, but life got in the way and she eventually ran out of time and money.

After years of paying a mortgage, insurance, HOA fees, utilities, and lawn care, the seller decided she needed to just sell the house and be done with it. She was behind on property taxes and there was a huge lien placed on the house by the water company.

She ended up calling My Florida Home Buyers and we set up an appointment to see the house in person. After a brief inspection of the house, we made her a cash offer and she accepted. We bought the house as-is and closed about two weeks later. The seller didn’t have to make any repairs or even clean out the house. We paid all of her closing costs and there were no fees or commissions. Now she has the cash she needs and she doesn’t have to worry about this house and the related expenses stressing her out anymore.

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