We Bought This Inherited House Fast in Orlando FL

Buying an Inherited House in the Williamsburg Area of Orlando, Florida

Do you need to sell an inherited house fast in Orlando? We just bought this inherited house in the Williamsburg area of Orlando and we’d like to buy yours too! Sell your inherited house fast in Orlando without the hassles of cleaning it out, making repairs and updates, and paying costly commissions to a real estate agent.

About This Inherited House in Orlando

This house is located in the Williamsburg area of Orlando. The people who inherited the house are all living out of state and wanted to sell it fast and without hassles. When they inherited the house, it was full of personal belongings, which is fairly typical with inherited houses, and it needed repairs and updating.

we bought this inherited house fast in Orlando FL
Need to sell your inherited house fast in Orlando? We’d like to make you a cash offer!

Instead of dealing with cleaning out the house, making the repairs and updates, and then hiring a real estate agent to sell the property, they decided they wanted to sell their inherited house fast in Orlando. That’s where we come in!

work underway at an inherited house we bought in Orlando FL
Work underway at the inherited house we purchased in Orlando, FL.

You can see we’re in the process of pulling out the carpet and painting. We just finished cleaning out all the personal belongings. We donated some things and took other things to the dump, depending on their condition.

The people who inherited the house haven’t had to come here to deal with any of it. They sold their inherited house fast in Orlando and stayed remote on the west coast throughout the entire process. They only came by and picked up the stuff that was sentimental to them and then they sold the house as-is to us, and now we’re going to get it renovated and resold.

Walkthrough of the House (Video Transcription)

I’m gonna take you through the house and show you around so you can see kinda what’s going on here.

Living Room

This is the living room area just inside the front door. Pretty basic color scheme, all white, so we’re gonna get that painted up pretty nice. We’re gonna keep the tile, I think. Probably just replace the carpet, it was pretty stained up.


All of the cabinets and countertops are in pretty good shape so we’re probably gonna keep those. And then just get everything cleaned up.

We’ll keep the appliances that were there. This refrigerator was filled with food and as you can imagine it stunk pretty bad from the power being off for however long it was off, so we just took the whole thing to the dump.

Porch and Backyard

This looks like it was once a porch that was eventually enclosed, and now it’s under heat and air.

And you can see we’re doing some yard work.

And then in the back yard, well there’s not much of a backyard, but there’s a block wall and then that over there is a shopping center with a Publix.

Master Bedroom

So, let’s go over here. This would be the master bedroom I believe. We’ve got a walk-in closet and a bathroom here with a shower.

And like I said, everything is in good shape. The goal on this one is just to get
everything kinda cleaned up, freshened up, new paint, new carpet, fix what doesn’t work. And get it resold to somebody who’s going to be able to live here.

The goal on this one is just to get everything kinda cleaned up, freshened up, new paint, new carpet, fix what doesn’t work. And get it resold to somebody who’s going to be able to live here.

Matt, My Florida Home Buyers

Guest Bedrooms

These are the guest bedrooms over here. That is a Murphy bed. You probably know what these are but it’s basically a bed that flips down out of the wall. So it’s kind of cool, we’ll probably leave that here for the new owner.

One of the weird things about this house is the windows in the bedrooms, they face the window on the other side. So they don’t face the neighbors. The neighbor is over there, so these windows kinda face these little cutouts in the house, and they’re all like this.

strange windows on the inherited house we purchased in Orlando
The windows on one side of the house face these cutouts. It could be for privacy or possibly for protection from hurricanes.

And I assume, it’s so that you don’t look out of your window or your neighbor doesn’t look out his window and see right inside your window. But it’s kinda interesting, I’ve never seen that before.

So you’ve got another full bath here. It’s a three bedroom, two bath. Toilet’s kinda nasty in there, needs to be cleaned up.

And then just another guest bedroom here. A walk-in closet and you can see it’s the same situation here with these windows. They just kinda face these cutouts on the house, and then, there’s your neighbor over there. And his house on the other side actually has the same cutouts. So the whole block is like that, I think.


And then we’ll go out here. We got a two car garage. They left the washer and dryer, so we’ll leave that for the new owners.

And we got some tools and stuff out here while we’re working, but, some built-in closets there. Just your typical Florida garage.

And that’s about it. Pretty basic house. Doesn’t need a whole lotta work but it did need some repairs and updating. And we’re gonna get it cleaned up, get it fixed up, and get it resold to somebody who can live here as soon as we can.

All right, so that’s about it for this house. As you can see, there’s not a whole lot going on here, just basic paint, carpet, and fixing some fixtures and things that were broken.

Need to sell your inherited house fast in Orlando?

If you have a house that you inherited in the Orlando area or in Central Florida, we’d love to make you a cash offer on it. Whether it’s like this house, where it doesn’t need much or whether it needs a full renovation, we’ll buy pretty much anything!

Selling your inherited house fast in Orlando to a local cash home buyer can be really convenient if you’re out of state like the people who inherited this house. All they had to do was come get the items that they wanted, and then they left all of the rest of the stuff for us to deal with. They also didn’t have to deal with making the repairs and updates needed to get the house ready to sell.

If you’ve already gone through probate, great, we can close quickly! If not, we can put you in contact with the right people to get the probate process done.

Probate is basically the process where you get permission from the court to sell the house that you inherited.

Matt, My Florida Home Buyers

If you’re interested in selling your inherited house fast in Orlando, instead of listing it with a real estate agent, or making repairs, or dealing with all the hassles, give us a call or submit your information on this website.

We’ll see if it’s something that we can help you out with, and if it is we’ll be able to buy it as is, we’ll pay you cash, and we can typically close in a week or two, depending on if you’ve already gone through probate or not.

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