We Bought A Duplex In Tavares, FL

Buying a Duplex to Rent in Tavares, FL (Lake County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers, and I’m actually standing outside of a duplex here in Tavares, FL that we are actually in the process of purchasing. I thought I’d show you around and take you on a walkthrough of at this unit. The other unit is currently tenant occupied so we can’t see that one right now. I’ll walk you through and show you what we’re buying.

These Units Are A Little Quirky

This is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit here. They’ve left some furniture and stuff inside. This is the living room. The units are pretty basic. We’re going to get them renovated. The other unit that is tenant occupued needs a lot more work done.

This unit has a fairly small kitchen. Everything is in pretty good shape since it was renovated recently. But the space in the kitchen is kind of tight. There’s not a whole lot of room. There’s also a little pass-through where you can put your food out to the dining area. And a little window with not much of a view.

Next to the kitchen is the backdoor that takes you to the backyard. This unit has a nice, little fenced-in backyard. There’s a run-down storage shed that we’ll probably end up removing. There are also railroad tracks that run behind the property. The fenced-in backyard would be nice for someone with a small dog, depending on if we decide to allow pets in this rental. We usually do allow pets because we’re dog people.

This unit does have its own laundry room. It’s kind of weird in the fact that the dryer goes on one wall and the washer goes on the other wall. They’re not side by side.

We’ve got some interesting tile work when you come in the front door. I don’t know if that’ll get us any more rent, but we’ll try.

Here’s the bathroom. Whoever put the bathroom door in made it so that the lightswitch is behind the door. So you have to go all the way around to get to the switch. Someone didn’t think that one through for sure. And then also this bathroom has a vanity here and then there’s a doorway with no door on it. And then you step through this doorway, and there’s another vanity, and then there’s a tub and shower. It seems like a lot of wasted space to me, just because you’ve got empty space on both sides of that vanity there. I don’t really know what they were thinking, whoever designed this. And then we’ve got little tiles with little crabs and sea creatures on them. So that’s interesting.

The bedrooms are fairly typical. They have tile floors, so that’s good for a rental. They do have big walk-in closets, so that’s kinda cool. The other bedroom is over here. Same deal, just a typical bedroom with a little walk-in closet here. Not quite walk-in. It’s like you can walk like halfway in. It’s like a half walk-in closet.

Yeah, that is it. That is unit one, or I guess this would be unit B of the duplex that we’re buying.

We Buy Multifamily Properties In Central Florida

At My Florida Home Buyers, we don’t only buy houses. We actually buy multifamily properties too! If you have an apartment building, a duplex, a triplex, maybe a quadplex, five or more units, whatever you have, if you need to sell it, even with the tenants in it, reach out to us today and we’ll make you a cash offer on it.

Maybe your tenants aren’t paying rent right now, just because of the whole COVID-19 thing. There are a lot of landlords in that situation. If you’re in a situation like that and you want to sell your multifamily property, just go on our website, www.MyFloridaHomeBuyers.com. We’ll come out and take a look and we’ll make you a cash offer on it. You can basically be done with it without the hassles of the real estate agent. Scheduling showings with the tenants, that’s always really difficult. And when you sell to us, there’s no real estate commission to pay and we’ll pay all your closing costs. It’s a quick and easy sale. You can get that cash and go invest elsewhere, buy a different property, or just completely cash out and be done with it.

So, if you have a duplex or a triplex, quadplex, or any sort of multifamily property, go on our website, www.MyFloridaHomeBuyers.com. We’ll take a look and we’ll see if we can buy it from you. Again, my name is Matt. I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. Have a great rest of your week, and I’ll see you on the next video!

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