We Just Bought This House In Casselberry FL! (VIDEO)

Buying a House to Flip in Casselberry, FL (Seminole County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers, and I’m standing outside of a house that we just purchased in Casselberry, Florida in Seminole County.

This house had a lot of title issues. We just got it closed and got the keys. The seller is moving to West Virginia. He left this morning. He left the keys for us so we’re here taking a look. We have to see what they left behind and figure out how many dumpsters we need to clean this place out.

This house has a weird layout because the previous owner attempted to split the house into a duplex. The two doors on the front of the house open up to different sides of the house. There’s also a giant swimming pool in the backyard. Let’s take a look!

This House In Casselberry, FL Was Converted Into A Duplex

As you walk inside the house, you can see that the previous owner left a bunch of stuff. You can also tell that this side of the house used to be a carport or a garage or something because the floor is sloped for drainage, which is what you want in your carport or garage so that the water runs out, but it’s a little strange when the sloped floor is inside of your house.

A lot of this house is not original and was added on over the years, like the bathroom on this side of the house. There are a washer and dryer in the bathroom, as well as a shower and a water heater. There’s also a little bar area on this side of the house. It has little saloon doors, some bar equipment, an ice machine, a refrigerator, and a freezer.

There’s an enclosed porch at the rear of the house, which is pretty common in these older Florida homes. There’s a bedroom next to the enclosed porch, and on the other side of the bedroom there is a small door and hallway that leads to the other side of the house. You can see where they framed the door but didn’t frame it all the way to the ceiling.

Now we’re on the other side of the house. There’s a bedroom here with terrazzo floors. The previous owner had a tenant who lived on this side of the house. She stayed on this side of the house and the previous owner lived on the other side. There’s a small bathroom on this side and also a living room area. They also created a small kitchen for the tenant to use on this side of the house. There’s also a door that leads back to the other side of the hosue. You can tell they framed up the wall in order to separate the living spaces of the house into a duplex, two unit configuration.

When you pass through the doorway and go back to the other side of the house, you find yourself in the kitchen. This is the actual, original kitchen for the house. So as you can see, the whole house is a bit odd.

Moving into the backyard, you find a giant, above ground swimming pool. The pool is so big compared to the backyard. There’s not much room around it. It pretty much takes up the whole backyard. The pool is deep, too! I don’t know if we’re gonna end up filling it in or what. It doesn’t have any water in it now, so you can’t swim in it.

You can also see that the backyard is pretty overgrown. It definitely needs some upkeep. But, more than half of the backyard is taken up by that pool.

So that’s about it. You can see there’s a lot of stuff at this house to get trashed out. I don’t see anything super interesting or valuable. We typically donate the stuff that’s worth something and the rest of it goes to the dump.

Why The Seller Sold This Casselberry, FL House To My Florida Home Buyers

There were a lot of title issues with this house. The guy who was living here, his father owned the house by way of an agreement for trust. It was a weird title situation that you don’t normally see. The son had a power of attorney for his father who lives in South Carolina. And then there were the trustees who had their names on the property record, and they lived in Tampa. It was a lot of coordination, a lot of checking and double-checking to make sure all the documents were correct and recording the trust properly. But we got it done! It wasn’t a straight-forward closing, but we got it done.

The seller basically wanted to move to West Virginia to be closer to family. He and his partner were getting older and they didn’t want to deal with a real estate agent. They knew that if they listed this house with a real estate agent, they would need a cash buyer anyways. So there was no point in listing it and paying the real estate commission and the closing costs. Instead, they called us and we came out and made them a cash offer on the house. They were happy with the cash offer, so we made it happen for them. They left this morning, so they’re probably still on their way to West Virginia. They’re cashed out and done with the house. They don’t have to deal with it anymore, and we’re gonna be cleaning it out. All of this is our problem now.

We Buy Houses In Casselberry, FL

If you have a house to sell in Central Florida, Lake County, Seminole County, Orange County, or anywhere else in the Orlando area, we’d be happy to make you a cash offer on it and close quickly. Even if it’s right here in Casselberry, FL. We’d love to come out and take a look at the house and see if it’s something that we can help you out with. We can buy the house as is, just like we bought this house. You can basically do what these people did, and just leave whatever you don’t want. Load up what you do want, and move on with your life. You won’t have to worry about the house and making the repairs and cleaning it out. That would have been a huge undertaking for these people, but they don’t have to do it because they sold the house to us, and we’re gonna take care of all that for them.

If you have a house to sell and you think a cash offer would be the best thing for you; if you don’t wanna worry about making repairs or dealing with real estate agents; go on our website: www.MyFloridaHomeBuyers.com or submit your information using the form below. We’ll take a look at the information that you submit and we’ll get in contact with you and see if it’s something that we can help you out with. Chances are it probably is something that we can help you out with. Submit your information and we’ll make you a cash offer on your house in the Central Florida area. Again, my name is Matt. I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you on the next video!

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