You’ll Never Guess How Many Pocket Doors This House In Eustis Has! (VIDEO)

Buying a House With Too Many Pocket Doors in Eustis, FL (Lake County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers, and today, I’m standing outside of a house that we just purchased here in Eustis, Florida. Let’s take a look. We just purchased this house in Eustis. It’s in Lake County, just on the north side of Eustis. We just purchased it today. I just got the keys. I’m putting the lockbox on now, and I figured I’d make a video and show you around, show you what we bought, and tell you about the situation that the seller was in that we were able to help her out with. We buy houses in Eustis, FL, and throughout the rest of Lake County and Central Florida.

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Overview of the House

Looking at the front of this house in Eustis, you can see it looks like a brick house, but it’s actually a block house with a brick veneer on the front. It’s a two-bedroom, two-bath house. It’s got a bit of a weird layout to it. I’ll show you that in just a second. There’s a two-car attached garage. The house has a newer roof, and I believe the A/C system is newer as well. Otherwise, the house really needs a lot of updating, and we’re probably going to have to reconfigure the bathroom because of the weird layout.

The Seller Was Dealing With A Bad Tenant in Eustis

The lady that we bought this house in Eustis from was dealing with a bad tenant, and she was not only dealing with a bad tenant, but she was dealing with a bad tenant during COVID. As you can imagine, evicting a tenant or getting rid of a tenant during COVID was really difficult, if not impossible, depending on the exact circumstances, because of all of the eviction bans and that kind of stuff. So, the seller ended up having a tenant who lived here rent-free for more than a year. He owed her around $15,000, and she finally was able to get the court to sign off on the eviction, and get the guy thrown out.

The seller happened to hire the same clean-out company that we use for all of our flips. A lot of times you see these videos and the house is filled with trash. Well, these are the guys that we call to come to clean all the trash out. The seller happened to call the same company. She mentioned to Sean, the owner of the company, that she was interested in selling this house in Eustis, and Sean told her about us and how we buy houses in Eustis, FL.

Sean put us in touch and we were able to come out and take a look at the house. We made her a cash offer on it, and we closed two weeks later. That’s the story of this house. The seller got rid of this problem house in Eustis. She was already tired of dealing with the hassles of evicting the tenant. That had worn her down and she just didn’t want to deal with the renovation and all of the repairs that this house in Eustis would need to get it back to 100% to get it sold. So we were able to come in and make her a cash offer on it. She’s done. Our money has been wired to her and she’s happy with it. And now we’ve got a new project on our hands. Now, I’ll take you through this house in Eustis and show you what’s going on inside.

The Inside of this Eustis House is Really Outdated

Walking into the house, you’ll notice it’s a bit outdated. We’ve got beams on the ceiling, which I’m actually told are coming back into style, so we may have to leave those. We’ve got some of these banister things, I think that’s what they’re called. There is some more of that kind of stuff over here. Very ’70s, ’80s vibe throughout the whole house. You can see the light fixtures are kind of old. Everything is old and seemingly original to the house. It hasn’t gone through a lot of updates. It’s pretty much how it looked in the ’80s when it was built.

The seller already had the trash out people here, so there’s nothing really interesting to see. I did walk through it before it was trashed out, and it was filled with junk, but all that’s gone now. They even took the carpet because it was so disgusting. So there’s nothing interesting to look at as far as stuff left behind goes, but the house is definitely interesting in other aspects.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Pocket Door Situation

This is the kitchen. It’s just a little kitchen off the living room where we just came in. We’re going to end up replacing all these cabinets and countertops. They’re really old. We were thinking maybe we could refinish them, but there’s not much left to them and it’ll be easier just to replace them.

One of the weird things about this house is the kitchen and bathroom layout that I mentioned earlier. In this kitchen, there’s actually a pocket door that goes into one of the bathrooms. You can actually walk into this bathroom from the kitchen, and inside the bathroom, there’s another pocket door that separates the vanity area from the area where the toilet and the tub are located. There’s one bathroom with two rooms and three pocket doors You can actually go from this bedroom through three pocket doors and get out to the kitchen.

I thought there were only three pocket doors in this house, but before I started filming this video, I realized there’s a fourth pocket door on the pantry. So there are four pocket doors in this house. There may be more that I haven’t found yet. I can’t remember the last time I saw a house with four pocket doors.

I’m back out in the living room and is this is that same bedroom. You can actually go through the bedroom to get to the kitchen by way of the bathroom over here, or you can go around, all the way around out through the living room and get to the kitchen. We’re gonna have to do something with that bathroom layout. It’s kind of weird with all of the pocket doors and the two rooms.

This Eustis House Has An Attic Exhaust Fan

Another thing I noticed as I was walking through this house in Eustis was this switch on the wall. It doesn’t look like a typical house switch. It’s more industrial. I flipped it, and if you look up, there’s an exhaust fan that opens up here in the attic. This is pretty common in older houses and I guess the idea was you could suck all the hot air out of the house and blow it out through the attic. Most people get rid of them and we’ll probably eliminate it as well, just because it’s so outdated and nobody really uses them anymore.

The Family Room

Walking over here I noticed the concrete gets a little wonky, and that’s because this room on the back of the house was actually a porch at one time. There’s a rough transition here, a lumpy transition on the concrete. This whole room slopes down because it was a porch that was enclosed. The concrete is sloped so that if you get water on your porch, it runs off and not into your house. I guess this room would be the family room. This room is probably going to have to have the floor leveled out so it doesn’t feel funny to walk on.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has a pocket door as well, so that’s five-pocket doors. Nope, six pocket doors! This is the master closet, the walk-in closet. So there are six pocket doors in this house. This is a 1,500 square foot house with six pocket doors. Anyway, this is the master bedroom. There’s lots of closet space in the master bedroom. You can see there are two closets over here with the bi-fold doors, and there’s a full walk-in closet over here. The master’s pretty big as well. It’s larger than a typical bedroom.

The Master Bathroom

I’m walking into the master bathroom and there are no lights on in here because the tenant was living in the dark, and he didn’t care to replace the light bulbs. You can see there’s a standalone shower that is kind of nasty. Over this way, you’ve got a vanity and a toilet over in the corner. There’s not really a whole lot going on here. It’s just a typical bathroom. And another pocket door! Seven pocket doors in a 1,500 square foot house in Eustis. Somebody really, really liked pocket doors!

The Garage

Now I’m going to go out into the garage. It’s just a typical older Eustis garage. There’s the water heater over there and the door to go out to the side of the garage, the attic access, and stuff like that. We’ll get everything cleaned up and looking good. One of the things I noticed as well is this older garage door. It’s almost translucent. It’s like fiberglass. It’s kinda nice because it lets light in, but it’s really flimsy. It’s definitely not up to code anymore and probably wouldn’t hold up to a hurricane well. Now, I’m gonna walk out to the backyard of this house in Eustis, and I’ll show you what’s going on out there.

The Backyard

This is the back of the house in Eustis. You can see that’s the enclosed porch that I was talking about with the sloped floor. There’s another little screened-in porch here. There’s a storage shed over here that I’ll show you in just a second, and a giant oak tree that is really close to the house. Other than that, just a standard little backyard.

The backyard is kind of small. You can see there’s the house, and there’s the fence, so you don’t really have a whole lot of room back here. It almost feels like I’m standing in the neighbor’s backyard, so we’ll probably have to put up a privacy fence or something just to make it a little more private. I don’t know what size the lot is, but it’s not very big.

This is the shed over here. It’s just a little storage shed on the side of the house. It’s got power hookups and a workbench. The weird thing is it has this little door in the side. I guess if you were inside the shed, you could pass things through to the outside without having to walk around. I assume that’s the idea, but it is kind of bizarre to have this little hatch here.

We Buy Houses in Eustis, FL!

If you have a house to sell in Eustis or Lake County or anywhere in Central Florida, we’d be interested in buying it from you. We can buy it with the bad tenant, or without the bad tenant. We’ll handle the eviction and everything after we close. If you have a situation with a tenant that you can’t get rid of, or a house that a tenant has torn apart, anything that’s not your typical real estate transaction, we can probably help you out with it. We’ve been doing this for 11 years in the Eustis area. We’ve seen just about everything, and we’ve never run into a problem that we couldn’t solve.

So, if you have a problem house to sell in Eustis, just give us a call. We can at least give you some advice if nothing else. We’d be happy to come out and take a look at the house and make you a cash offer on it. Just go into and submit all of your information. That’s the best way to get in touch with us because we’ll have all your information that you submitted, and we’ll reach out and get the ball rolling for you. So again, my name is Matt. I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. Have a great rest of your week, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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