We Buy Houses In Deltona, FL – Even Houses With Fire Damage Like This One! (VIDEO)

Buying a Fire Damaged House in Deltona, FL (Volusia County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers. We’re local cash home buyers in Central Florida. We buy houses in Deltona and the rest of Central Florida for cash.

We Buy Houses In Deltona, FL With Fire Damage

Today, I’ve got a really good one for you. This is a house that we just purchased right here in Deltona, FL, and this house is fire-damaged. I’ll take you around the back and show you the outside of the house and then we’ll go inside and take a look at the damage from the fire.

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You can see this is a little ranch-style house here in Deltona, FL. It sits on the main road, so the road noise is a bit much to do a video. I’m actually going to walk around to the backyard where it’s a little quieter. I’ll show you the backyard and then we’ll go inside and check out all the fire damage. It’s a little hard to breathe inside of the house with all the smoke and fumes in the air, so we’ll save that for last.

This is the back of the house here. You can see there’s an in-ground swimming pool, and a screen enclosure that needs some of the screen panels replaced, but other than that, you don’t really see any sort of damage or any evidence of a fire. You’ve got this window here, that’s been busted out, I assume by the Deltona fire department, and there’s some fire-damaged stuff sitting around, but if you’re just driving past this house or walking around it, you would never know that it caught on fire. The fire never came through the roof or anything like that. I guess the fire department got here in time and it didn’t get any worse.

The Sellers Of This Fire-Damaged House In Deltona Did Not Have Insurance And Needed The Help Of A Local Cash Home Buyer

You may have noticed the dumpster around the front of the house. The people who owned this house didn’t have any insurance on it, unfortunately, and after the fire, they decided that they would try to clean it out and renovate it themselves. It turned out to be too much for them to handle and they didn’t want to deal with it anymore. One of the sellers had a health condition that made breathing inside the house really difficult, so a cleanout and renovation is just not something that they were going to be able to do.

The sellers decided to contact a local cash home buyer in Deltona. They called us and asked if we buy houses in Deltona that are fire-damaged. We told them that we buy houses in any condition and we would love to come to take a look at their house and the situation.

We paid them cash, bought the house in as-is condition, and closed in about two weeks. They’re happy that they don’t have to deal with the house anymore. They stopped by and grabbed everything that they could salvage and then left the rest for us.

Unfortunately, a lot of the personal items left behind are not in the condition to be donated, so most of this stuff will most likely end up being trashed and taken to the dump.

I was glad we were able to help these people out. As I said, they had no insurance and they weren’t prepared for the fire. Not that you plan for a fire, but you know what I mean. They didn’t really have anywhere else to turn considering they had no insurance, and it became clear that they weren’t going to be able to renovate it or clean it out themselves. It’s definitely a sad situation, but I’m really glad we were able to help them out with it. Situations like this are exactly why we buy houses in Deltona.

How Bad Is The Fire Damage?

Now I’m going to take you back around front and we’ll go inside and check out the fire damage inside of this Deltona house.

I’m walking inside the house now and I think this is going to be one of the worst houses we’ve ever bought. We buy houses all over Central Florida, and we’ve just about seen it all, but this house is just a mess. This is the living room here. It’s pretty bad, but I guess it could have been worse and burned completely to the ground. No one wants to see their house like this. You can see all the holes in the ceiling that the fire department punched out trying to get to the fire.

This is the master bedroom. It’s pretty rough. I’m trying not to touch anything because everything is covered in black soot from the smoke. This was their bedroom here and you can see the ceilings ripped out, and everything is waterlogged and smoke damaged. They just about lost everything, I would imagine. I don’t know how much they were able to save.

This is the master bathroom here. There’s insulation everywhere. There’s not a single room in this house that was left untouched. The smoke and water just completely took over the house.

This is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Deltona. Here’s a bedroom here. This bedroom is actually not as bad as the others, but it’s still pretty nasty. You can see all of the black and gray soot from the smoke everywhere. It’s on the walls, on the ceilings, and around the air vents. The smoke just filled the entire house and completely ruined everything.

This is another bedroom here. I think the saddest part about this situation is the fact that so much of the seller’s personal property was damaged. We are used to buying houses with lots of stuff left behind, but it’s usually junk that the previous owners did not want. I’m sure the owners of this house would have wanted to keep this stuff given the choice.

Walking into the guest bathroom, you can see more smoke and water damage on the walls. The shower tile was probably white at one point but now it looks more like a horror movie.

The Kitchen Is Completely Destroyed

Now, I’ll show you the kitchen which is where the fire started. You’ll probably be wondering why we would ever buy this house once you see the kitchen. The kitchen is completely destroyed. It’s also very dark because the power has been turned off due to the fire. There are flies and bugs everywhere because of the food that is still here rotting. It’s pretty nasty.

The refrigerator in the kitchen is almost completely melted. The fire really got this kitchen good.

If you look up towards the roof, you can see that there is some charring and some smoke damage, but there doesn’t appear to be any major structural damage. Some houses with fire damage are so bad that they have to be torn down and rebuilt, but I think this one is going to be able to be salvaged and repaired.

Walking through the kitchen, you enter the utility room. It is pretty dark in here as well because there is no power turned on and the lights. You can see all of the stuff that was in this room is almost completely melted. It’s hard to even tell what some of the stuff was because of how hot everything got and melted. The plastic bowls in the kitchen cabinets have melted and are dripping down. The front of the dishwasher is also completely melted. It got really hot in here!

That concludes the tour of the inside of the house. We’ve got our work cut out for us. We will get our guys in here and get everything cleaned out. I think will definitely need to have our guys wear masks because it is a little hard to breathe in here because of the lingering smoke and fumes. I should probably have a mask on right now. Let’s head back outside where there is fresh air.

We Buy Houses In Deltona, FL And The Rest Of Central Florida

We buy houses in Deltona all of the time, but we don’t buy very many fire-damaged houses. It’s actually very rare that we come across one. However, we buy houses that are fire-damaged even if they are in poor condition like this one in Deltona. Luckily, I think this fire-damaged house is in good enough condition where we can actually renovate it and resell it without having to tear it down. Some fire-damaged houses are so bad that you have no choice but to tear them down and start over. Our first step is to get everything cleaned out of the house. There’s a lot of smoke-damaged personal property and food items that are just sitting there rotting. Our clean-out guys will get everything cleaned out and we will go from there.

If you have a problem house to sell in Deltona or anywhere in Volusia County or the rest of Central Florida, even if it is fire damaged, we’d be interested in taking a look at it and making you a cash offer. We will buy pretty much any house, in any condition. If you have a problem house like this one and you don’t have time to make repairs or clean it out, just give us a call! Let us deal with the problem house that’s causing you a lot of headaches and stress. We will pay you cash, pay all of your closing costs, and close in as little as two weeks with a guaranteed closing. There are no fees and no commissions. It’s just a simple, fast closing. You get cash in your hand and as little as two weeks. We buy houses as-is so you don’t even have to clean up anything or make any repairs.

Do You Have A Problem House In Deltona To Sell?

We buy houses for cash in Deltona and the rest of Central Florida, so if an as-is cash offer sounds like something that you are interested in, please get in touch with us and we will get the ball rolling for you. We’d love to come to take a look at your Deltona house and make you a cash offer on it. Simply go to our website, www.MyFloridaHomeBuyers.com, and submit your property information to get started.

Again, my name is Matt and I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. We buy houses in Deltona and the rest of Central Florida. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you in the next video!

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