Check Out This LAKEFRONT Property We Just Purchased In Eustis, FL (VIDEO)

Buying a Foreclosed, Ransacked House on Lake Eustis (Lake County)
Video Transcription

We Buy Houses In Eustis, FL – This One Is Lakefront!

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers, standing outside on the dock of a house that we just purchased in Eustis and this is Lake Eustis behind me right here. So the house is right on the lake here. We just purchased it today at a foreclosure auction and then prior to that, it was an estate basically. So the guy who owned it passed away, and it eventually went to foreclosure, and we purchased it today. So the house is up there. So I’ll take you up there and show you around the house. This is the first time I’ve been here so I’m just kind of taking a look around. You can see the lake out there. It’s got direct frontage right on Lake Eustis and I’m going to go inside the house and see what’s going on in there. Looks like it’s been ransacked so no telling what we’ll find. So I’m going to walk up here to the house and I’ll show you around. If you have a house to sell in Eustis, we can help! We buy houses in Eustis, FL and the rest of Lake County. Just send us over your information and we’ll prepare you a fast, all-cash offer!

All right so this the front of the house right here. We’ve already got a door open so I’m going to go in and kind of walk through, see what’s going on and then I actually have to change the locks so that we can get in easily later. When we buy houses in Eustis, or anywhere for that matter, we like to get the locks changed out and put a lockbox on so we can access the property easily without having to remember to bring a key. So I’ll show you what’s going on inside.

The Inside Has Been Ransacked!

All right, inside the house. So it looks like it’s definitely been ransacked. The neighbor said that there were some homeless people or something, somebody came in here and ransacked it. This is kind of interesting. Some sort of weapon there. And you can see somebody’s gone through it. It doesn’t normally just end up like this. We buy a lot of houses in Eustis and we see scenes like this quite often. Somebody actually came through here and dug through all this stuff probably looking for valuables. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find some sort of drug paraphernalia because that’s fairly typical. So everything’s in good shape though, the house has these nice wood ceilings, put a light up there. And everything’s in relatively good shape. The kitchen is … It’s been updated, it’s got granite counter tops. Cabinets need to be cleaned up a little bit. Tile flooring throughout. Actually, there’s your drug paraphernalia right there. We buy houses in Eustis like this all of the time, so I’m not surprised at all. We actually see this quite a bit.

This is the kitchen. And you can see they’ve taken the appliances, whoever broke in here has stolen those. They left the microwave, they usually do because it’s too hard to get out and run with. That’s the garage, so lots of stuff to clean out. Lots of stuff to throw away. Looks like it’s going to be a three bathroom, three full baths, and two to three bedrooms depending on how you classify these rooms over here. So I think this would have been the master here. So that’s a bathroom there, and then just kind of walking through, just going to have to step on the stuff here because it’s three feet deep on the floor. This is another bedroom and then here’s a third bedroom office type deal with another full bathroom back here. And like I said everything’s in good shape. Just needs to be cleaned up. Looks like there was some remodeling done at one point or another.

So I’m out on the back porch now. The other cool thing about this house is it’s not only on Lake Eustis, but there’s also a pond in the backyard. So you have water frontage on both sides. We buy houses in Eustis quite a bit, but I don’t think we’ve ever bought one with water frontage on both sides like this.

Need To Sell Your House Fast In Eustis, FL?

All right so this is where I’ll leave you in the backyard. I’ve got locks to change out and we’ll get to work on cleaning this thing up. So if you have a house to sell, if you need to sell your house fast, we buy houses in Lake County, we buy houses in Eustis just like this one no matter what the condition. Even if it’s been ransacked, torn apart, you’ve got bad tenants in there. Maybe you inherited the house and it was like this, no matter what the situation, get on our website, Send us through your information and we’ll get back to you and we’ll see about making a cash offer on your house. See about helping you out. So again this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers, I’ll see you on the next one.

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