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Check out this POOL HOME on 5 ACRES we purchased in Eustis, FL – they converted the pool into a pond and put bars on all of the windows!

“I need to sell my house fast in Eustis, FL”

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We Buy Houses in Eustis, FL

Buying a Foreclosed House With Fish in the Pool and Bars on the Windows in Eustis, Florida
Video Transcription

Hey, there! This is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers. I just pulled up to a house here in Eustis, FL that we purchased, and I’ll go ahead and take you through to show you the inside of the house and the condition of the house. I just drilled the locks out, so I haven’t even really looked around too much myself, but yeah, we buy houses in Eustis. If you need to sell your house fast in Eustis or any other area of Central Florida, we can definitely make you a cash offer and go ahead and purchase it from you, but let me go ahead and show you this house real quick, think you find it interesting.

All right, so this is the outside of the house. It’s actually a 3/2, and it’s on five acres here in Eustis. The first thing you’ll notice is, there’s a lot of bars around all the windows and everything is barred up like it would be if it was in the inner city or something, but, I mean, this is not even a bad area, so I don’t know what’s with all the bars on this house. Actually, let me show you around the side. They’ve got bars all the way down every window around the entire house and even on the pool screen cage. I mean, you can see there are bars over here as well. I thought that was kind of weird. Not sure what their intentions were with that, but people do weird things with houses, so I’ve come to learn that.

Also, the house sits on the front part of the property. It’s five acres altogether, so beyond those trees there, there’s a whole other half of the property back there, large pasture area, and then right here there’s some sort of storage shed or something like that we’ll probably just end up tearing down. Let me take you inside and show you what’s going on in there. All right, so here we go, inside the house. There’s some sort of weird pond there, so we’ll have to fill that in, but the first thing I noticed when I walked into this house is that everything has been torn out already. The carpet’s gone. The cabinets are gone. Everything’s gone, so a lot of my job is already done. Everything has been moved out of here.

I mean, they’ve left some stuff, will definitely still need a dumpster, but it looked like they started to maybe renovate the house and then for whatever reason they stopped, but all the flooring’s out. It’s just got concrete floors, and bathroom vanities are still there. Look at that pink. That’s a pink vanity classic, so that’ll definitely have to be ripped out, and probably have to redo the tile in these tubs too, because it looks like that’s probably busted out there, more than likely. There is a fireplace in this house right there. Not that you would need it in Florida, but maybe one or two days a year.

This is the kitchen, and this is the living room area. First thing I see when I see this is, maybe knock this wall out or at least bring it down maybe and open it up so that this is more of an open area, so we’ll have to see about that because that’s definitely an older design there. The master bedroom is over here, and everything’s ripped out of here as well. There’s a large walk-in closet and then a lot more pink in the master bathroom. Got dual sinks, jetted tub, and then it looks like they tried to remove all of the wallpaper, and this is what’s left. Definitely going to have our work cut out for us here, and then more pink in the shower, so we only end up having to change that out. People don’t like pink as much as they used to.

This is the laundry room, and there, just your standard laundry room. Laundry tub, washer and dryer hookups, water heater, AC, and then over here is the garage, and it’s filled with all sort of treasures. I haven’t really looked through it too much, but there is quite a bit of stuff in here. There’s no power on, and I look through quickly with my phone flashlight, it looks like there are some appliances. They left the washer and dryer. There’s some other stuff, other junk in here, but most of it is probably trash. It’ll probably go in the dumpster, and then anything that’s still good we’ll probably donate to Goodwill. That’s what we normally do with the stuff if it’s something that we think somebody can actually use.

Let me take you out back and show you the pool area real quick. All right, so this is the pool area. It is in major disrepair, and I told you there were bars on everything. See, there are bars even on the pool cage, which is strange. Maybe somebody who lived here was a little paranoid. Also, it looks like they were using the pool as more of a pond. See those bins down there? They’re actually filled with dirt, and then these aquatic plants are actually planted in the dirt in the pool. I don’t see anything in there but little minnows, but I guess there could be turtles, or gators, or maybe larger fish in there somewhere, but I haven’t seen any yet.

Pool screen cage needs some work. A lot of the screens are missing, and then there’s some more junk back here, and the lock that I drilled out to get in. Gotten pretty good at that. I can do it in like 30 seconds. This is the back field, so be nice for somebody with horses or anybody who wants to live on a large piece of property. Five acres total, and there’s the house there, so we’ll walk back up towards the front.

Like I said, if you have a house that you need to sell in Eustis or Orlando, we buy houses in Orlando and Central Florida in any condition. We’ll pay cash, and we’ll take it off your hands, and we’ll renovate it and sell it. Like I said, it doesn’t matter what condition it’s in. As you can see, this one’s pretty bad, and it’s not too much for us to handle. We’ll get through it eventually. If you have any questions or if you’d like to get a cash offer on your house, just go to MyFloridaHomeBuyers.com. Get in touch with us, find us on Facebook, and we’ll see if we can help you out. My name is Matt, and I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. I’ll see you on the next one.

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