You won’t believe the condition of this house in Sorrento, FL! (VIDEO)

Buying a Trashed Mobile Home With a Squatter Camp in Sorrento, FL (Lake County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers, and today I’m standing outside of a house that we purchased in Sorrento, Florida. This house is located just northwest of Orlando in Lake County, Florida, and it is rough! It’s probably one of the most disgusting, nastiest, torn-up houses I’ve ever been inside of. Let’s take a look!

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This House in Sorrento, FL Was Occupied by Squatters

We actually purchased this house about three months ago, but I’m just now getting inside of it because there were squatters living here. There’s actually a full-blown squatter camp on the backside of the property, which I’ll show you in a bit. For the past three months, we’ve been trying to get a judge to sign an order to remove the squatters from the property, but, with COVID and everything going on right now, we haven’t been able to get the judge to sign the order. Fortunately for us, we’ve noticed that the squatters have moved on and left. So, now we can finally come in and take a look to see how much damage there is.

The Squatters Destroyed the House

I stuck my head inside the door, just briefly, and it’s bad. It’s really bad. I’ll show you around inside, and then I’ll show you the squatter camp out back. The house is a mobile home. It’s not even that old — it’s just destroyed. They stripped the wires out, and everything is in really bad condition. The house sits on five acres in Sorento, Florida, just northwest of Orlando in Lake County. I’ll show you around, and you can see how bad this house is for yourself.

We Buy Houses in Sorrento, FL — Even With Squatters!

I’m walking up to the house now, and you can already see the power box over there. The meter’s gone and all of the wires are stripped out, so that’s bad sign number one. You can also see all of the skirting has been removed. It makes it easier to access all of the copper and stuff underneath. We’ve got windows broken out left and right. The roof is all patched up and nasty, and everything is overgrown. It’s definitely seen some rough times. I’m gonna try to go inside now. I’ve gotta climb up these rickety stairs first. I don’t know how far I can walk through the house, just because of how much stuff there is, but, I’ll do my best.

The Laundry Room and Kitchen Were Destroyed by the Squatters

I think I’m in the laundry room here. Just look at this house! It is destroyed. That’s the kitchen. I’m gonna try to take you that way. Here’s the subpanel in the house. You can see they’ve gotten to the copper there, and ripped all of it out. This is what’s left of the laundry room. Let me try to take you through the this is the kitchen. I’m just stepping over stuff. It’s so disgusting in here. I mean, just look at it. It’s just packed. Everything has been torn apart. The neighbors said they had dogs living here for a period of time, just running loose, probably abandoned.

This is the living room. You can see, it’s just been ransacked. It’s nasty, smells bad, horrible. That is the back door, just hanging open. We don’t see houses this bad very often. This is actually pretty rare, believe it or not. Let me see if I can take you down this way and see what we can find. I’ve gotta be careful I don’t fall through the floor because there are a lot of roof leaks and the water is coming straight through.

That’s another bedroom there, just packed with stuff. Somebody must have been trying to get this out of here because it’s in the hallway. Here’s another room here. This was probably a house with a lot of stuff inside of it, to begin with, and then when it was abandoned and the squatters got in here, and just ripped everything up. This is the result of that. There’s so much stuff that it’s hard to even pick anything out. I’m sure there are all kinds of weird, interesting things in here, but, there’s just so much stuff.

The Toilet in the Bathroom is Falling Through the Floor

That looks like a bathroom. The toilet looks like it’s falling through the floor. I’ll see if I can get some video of that, and put it up on here so you can see better. That’s another bedroom there, just so full of stuff. I can’t even get into it. The good thing is, no fleas are biting me. That’s actually surprising. It must have been vacant long enough where the fleas have moved on.

I mean, just look at this! Just look at this kitchen! There are roof leaks. We’ve got roof leaks all down throughout the dining area there. And then, the cabinets are just destroyed. I don’t know how long the squatters lived here or how long it’s been vacant, but they really did a number on this place. To be honest, it’s probably just gonna have to be bulldozed and hauled off piece by piece. With a mobile home like this, there’s just no sense in renovating any of this. I mean, look at this. They ripped the drywall off of the wall for whatever reason.

The Master Bedroom Has Holes in the Floor

This must be the master bedroom over here. You can see through the floor. See the holes? There are holes in the floor here. That’s what I was afraid of falling through before. You can actually see the water damage. The water has actually rotted out the floor, as well as right under the window there. The trash is just falling through the floor to the underside of the house. It’s unbelievable.

This is the master bathroom. You can see the floor is just all rotted out. It’s so nasty. Let’s see if I can get through here without falling through the floor. You know, and there’s not even a roof leak over here, so I don’t know what caused all this. I don’t even see a roof leak on this side. Oh man, it’s just nasty!

Okay, let’s just get out of this dump, and I’ll show you outside. I could just keep showing you videos like this, all day long, and it’s just gonna be more of the same. Really disgusting. Really torn up. Really nasty. So, I’m gonna go out back of the house, and we’ll pick up the video there and I’ll show you the squatter camp.

The Squatters Trashed the Outside of This House in Sorrento, FL

I’m walking out the back of the house now, and I’m actually looking forward to the squatter camp. That’s how bad the house is. This is the back of the house here. Just more junk and more destruction. The squatters just really destroyed it. Let me walk you back this way. The squatter camp is actually over there. There’s a fifth-wheel trailer and half of a mobile home, and that was what the squatter camp consisted of. I’ll get over there, and show you what’s going on over that way.

I’m on my way over to the squatter camp, and I’m looking on the ground and I see all this stuff, and it’s actually the insulation off of the wires from the house. It’s all over the ground. They’ve been stripping the copper out and just throwing it everywhere. This is the insulation from the Romex wire.

Another interesting thing I noticed about this house are these markers out in the field here that mention a gas pipeline. Evidently, there’s some sort of gas pipeline easement that crosses this property, and those are the markers for it. So, you definitely want to call 811 before you dig!

Inside the Squatter Camp

I’m now in the squatter camp. This is on the backside of the property. As I said, this is a five-acre property in Sorrento, FL. This squatter camp is all the way on the other side, and the mobile home, where we were just at, is up there. So, welcome to the squatter camp! This is where the action happens. There is a fifth-wheel trailer here. That’s all destroyed. There’s half of a mobile home that they were using for some purpose. And just a lot of piles of trash and stuff laying around. A lot of tires. A lot of, what looks like metal stuff that they were trying to take apart to scrap. So, yeah, this is it back here. A lot of trash, and a lot of stuff that needs to be cleaned up.

The Squatters Were Living in a Travel Trailer

Let me show you the inside of this fifth wheel. Believe it or not, this is a little bit better than the house, actually. But, you can see, it’s still all destroyed. They basically ripped this apart and must have tried to scrap everything in here as well. All of the appliances are gone. You can see up here where they cut the wires out of the roof. Just more of the same thing. This trailer will have to be cut up and hauled away as well. That’s the bedroom area up there. But, it’s not worth saving, it’s just destroyed. Usually, when squatters get ahold of something there’s just no saving anything.

This is the mobile home, half of one. You can see inside all the way down, and I assume they were maybe living in here, or I guess the technical term would be squatting. There’s an opening in the side of the trailer, and they’ve put these bars on here for some reason. It almost looks like they were keeping a dog in there, or some sort of circus animal, I have no idea. Maybe a person? Who knows? But, they did it for some reason.

This must’ve been squatter HQ right here. This must have been the squatter office.

That’s what we’re dealing with out here. And, actually, on this backside of the property — that’s why it was hard to figure out whether people were coming and going, or not — there’s actually a gate back here that opens up to another road. So, we could be at the front gate checking for tire tracks, and they could be going out this gate. We always have to check both gates to see who’s coming and going. But, as I said, they’re gone now. We haven’t seen them in weeks, and they’ve taken a lot of them, believe it or not. They’ve taken a lot of stuff and moved out. So, we’re good to go. We’re gonna get this thing cleaned up. Get a bulldozer or two in here and a lot of dumpsters, and hopefully get this property cleaned up and resold to somebody who can take better care of it than these people.

All right, I’m gonna end the video here. This place is just nasty. It is what it is. Hope you enjoyed the video, taking a look around at everything. It’s just crazy. The smells and everything, you’ll never get to experience it, but believe me, they’re there. They add to the experience.

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Again, my name is Matt, I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. Have a great rest of your week. And, I’ll see you in the next video.

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