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A walkthrough of our newest purchase in Sorrento, FL – you won’t believe the condition of this house!!

“I need to sell my house fast in Sorrento, FL”

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Buying a Trashed House in Mt Plymouth/Sorrento Florida (Lake County)
Video Transcription

We Buy Houses in Sorrento, FL

Hey, guys! This is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers. I’m out here at a house in Sorrento, Mount Plymouth neighborhood. We got this one at a foreclosure auction. Just wanted to walk through and show you what we bought. This one’s pretty rough, so maybe you’ll find it interesting. We’re finishing loading the dumpster now, getting all the trash and stuff out. Then we’re going to start renovation. Let me walk you through and I’ll show you what’s going on at this house.

Just looking at this house, right off the bat you notice it needs a roof. The roof is in pretty rough shape, and then got a lot of tree issues at this house. That’s part of the reason why the roof is in such bad shape. I’ll show you that in a second here. Let’s go over here. I’ll show you, first of all, the garage door. Check this out. This thing is barely hanging on. Look at this. I don’t know if somebody ran through it with a car or what, but definitely going to have to be replaced. Then over here I found this hole. Check this out. Might wonder what this hole is with this piece of wood. That’s the septic tank, so that’s got to be fixed, right there in the front yard. Before we go inside, though, let me show you round back here, because this is amazing. It’s pretty wooded and overgrown. Hasn’t been taken care of in a while.

This is the back. We’ve got trees growing up on the house here. If you walk around here, you notice there’s a piece of plywood on the roof. That’s not a good sign, covering a hole up there. More roof issues over here. There’s a tarp on the roof up there where a limb has fallen and gone through the roof. Then check this out. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this before. Now it looks like the tree hit the roof and damaged the roof, but if you look closely you can actually see that was cut. The eave of the roof was cut around the tree. Not sure why the previous owner decided to do that as opposed to just taking the tree out, but people never cease to amaze me.

Let’s go around front here and I’ll show you the inside of the house. Got some broken windows. Those will have to be replaced. Another broken window there. AC is in pretty good shape. It doesn’t have much else going for it but it does have a good AC. Oh, then there’s a boat that I’ve got to figure out how to put in the dumpster myself. That’s what Motrin’s for, I guess. There’s the dumpster. Finishing loading some stuff up.

Let’s go inside here. It’s got good tile. Tile’s in good shape. This would be like the living room area. Then here’s the kitchen. All of these kitchen cabinets are going to come out. They’re pretty nasty. There’s some lights for you. Then as you walk over here into the family room or whatever this is, and you look up, here’s the inside of the roof from where that tarp was on the top. Definitely going to need a new roof. Got to replace some drywall here because the water’s been coming into the inside of the house, so not a good thing. Got three bedrooms over here. There’s one. Bathroom, pretty standard bathroom. No real issues in there. Then two bedrooms back here.

Let me take you over to the other side. Let me go through the kitchen here and show you over here. This would be like the dining area. Looks pretty normal. This is the master bedroom. Got a walk-in closet there. Check out this master bathroom. There’s the tub. There’s the shower. Then if you open the toilet room here, check that out. I don’t know if you can see that or not. There you go, okay. We got more water coming in over here. That’s where that piece of plywood was on the roof. There’s that, and then the worst spot.

Let me take you back over here to the front and out into the garage here. See if I can make the light come on. Here’s the light in the garage. Check this out. Got another spot in the roof here, but you can see outside. That’s clear out to the outside of the house. It’s that bad. Obviously, you got some mildew and mold in here from where it’s been leaking. That goes straight outside, so water’s coming straight from the outside of the house into the garage here. I don’t think this is related to the roof leak. I think somebody tried to get in the attic over here and knocked some drywall down.

Anyways, let me take you back out front. As you can see, this one’s pretty bad. We’re definitely going to have our hands full with this. Complete renovation, complete gut job. But if you have a house like this or maybe it’s not as bad, maybe it’s worse, we buy houses in any condition in Central Florida. Even if yours is as bad as this and it’s got holes in the roof that aren’t skylights, give us a call or go to our website, fill out the form, and we’ll get you a cash offer on it. It’s myfloridahomebuyers.com. We buy houses in Sorrento, FL. If you need to sell your house fast in Sorrento, give us a call! My name’s Matt, and I’ll see you on the next one.

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