Check out this inherited house we just bought in Orlando! (VIDEO)

Buying an Inherited House With Lots of DIsney Memorabilia in Orlando, FL (Orange County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers, and today I’m standing outside of a house that we just purchased right here in Orlando.

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I just stepped inside the house because it started to rain, but I’ll put some video up that shows you the front of the house a little bit better. It’s basically just a little Florida home, a little block house, and it’s in the Orlando area, actually in the Pine Hills area of Orlando, and we just closed on it today. We just purchased it. I just got the keys, and I’m out here putting the lockbox on and checking things out to see what needs to be done to start getting this house cleaned up and resold.

This Inherited House in Orlando is Filled With Stuff

The first thing you’ll notice about this house when you take a look around is that there’s stuff everywhere. The house was left with everything in it, and that’s because the seller actually inherited the house. I don’t know if it was a probate situation or what it was, but the seller inherited the house from one of his relatives and he didn’t feel like dealing with cleaning the place up and making all the repairs that it would need to get it back to a 100% to list it and resell it. So he contacted us and we were able to make him a cash offer on the house, and we bought it just as it sits. He basically came in and took everything that he wanted and left the rest for us.

A lot of this stuff in here is still pretty good, usable stuff. There’s actually a Mickey Mouse phone here. I don’t know if it’s worth anything, but I thought that was kind of interesting. And then there’s this old vintage gumball machine. So there’s definitely some stuff in here that’s not trash. Typically what we’ll do is either donate the stuff or resell it in some way. We don’t like to take stuff that’s perfectly fine to the dump. So we’ve gotta get in here and dig through it and figure out what’s actually trash and what can be salvaged.

Everything is Old and Outdated

That was the front porch. You come in off the front of the house and there’s this little enclosed porch with a bunch of stuff. I’m walking into the living room area here. It’s a pretty tiny house, so the kitchen is right here. I’m in the living room. There’s not really a dining room. There is just stuff everywhere. You wouldn’t even know that anyone moved out or that the house was vacant, just because of how much stuff is here.

The house does need a lot of repairs. I mean, look how dated the kitchen is. The cabinets are nasty. Everything basically has to be redone top to bottom on this house. It definitely needs a lot of work.

I’m gonna go back here in the hallway and show you what’s going on back here. The house does have central A/C and it’s relatively new, so that’s a good sign. Hopefully, we can salvage that. This is the bathroom. Everything looks to be pretty much original. This house was built in the 1950s, so it’s pretty out of date at this point, but nothing we can’t handle. There are three bedrooms back here on this side of the house, and there’s one full bath. On the other side of the house, there’s actually a half bath, which I’ll show you later in the video.

This room looks like it was used as an office area of some sort. There’s just stuff everywhere. It’s a lot to look at or dig through, but I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff in here that could be donated or whatever. This is another bedroom here. You can see a closet full of clothes, and some furniture.

We Found Lots of Disney Memorabilia in This Inherited House

Something I noticed about this house, in addition to the Mickey Mouse phone, is that there’s a lot of Disney stuff in here, stuff like this Inaugural Voyage on the Disney Dream jacket. Apparently, you got a special jacket if you went on the Inaugural Voyage of the Disney Dream. Whoever lived here must have been a pretty big Disney fan, because there’s a lot of stuff in here related to Disney.

This is another bedroom here, completely packed with stuff, lots of boxes. I don’t know what is good and what is not, but we’ll get in here and sort the trash from the stuff that can be salvaged.

Now, let me take you out to this other side of the house. This almost looks like it was an add-on because this door is an exterior door from the kitchen. You walk out here and everything kind of changes. We’ve got this paneling on the roof. Everything has obviously been added on out here at some point. And then this room here, which may have been a garage or a carport at one point, this room is also just filled with stuff.

The person that sold us this house, inherited it. They didn’t want to deal with cleaning it out. So, they just called us and we bought the house as-is. Now they’ve closed, they’ve got their money, and they don’t have to deal with the house anymore.

This is another bedroom out here on this added-on part of the house and it’s also filled with stuff. There is also a bathroom out here. Let’s see if I can get the door open. The floor out here is all plywood. It’s not a concrete slab out here. I don’t know what they put the plywood over or why they did that. The floor is all uneven and squishy. This is the half bath. Just a little half bath on the side of the house.

This house is technically a three-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath. That’s about it for the inside. I’ll take you outside as soon as the rain stops and I’ll show you the backyard and the swimming pool.

There’s a Nasty Swimming Pool in the Backyard

The rain has let up a little bit, so I’ll take you around back and show you the backyard and the swimming pool. It’s not a very big backyard, but it’s big enough for a pool.

There’s also a storage shed back here that looks like it was pieced together from 10 different materials. It’s even got a screen door off of a house on the front of it, and then they’ve got this piece of pipe conduit, I guess that’s how they got electrical over to the shed. Someone built this by hand, this wasn’t a pre-built shed here. When you open the door, it hits the truss up at the top, so they just cut it so that the door would slide under the truss. Some real ingenuity going on here with this shed. Somebody worked really hard on that.

This is the backyard, and you can see the swimming pool. It’s definitely seen better days as most of the houses we buy have. The water is pretty low, and there’s some sort of electric pump in there that they were evidently using to pump the water and stuff out of the pool.

I believe code enforcement is involved in this. So, that’s something we’re going to have to deal with, because they’ve left notices and stuff, and the seller actually gave us the business card of the code enforcement guy who’s been out here about this pool.

Other than the pool, it’s just a standard block house back here. Not much to see in the backyard, otherwise. The pool pretty much takes up the whole backyard. Once it gets cleaned up, it’s gonna be a nice little spot for people to sit around the pool and relax. I’ll take you back around front and we’ll get this video wrapped up.

We Buy Inherited Houses in Orlando

That’s it for this house in Orlando. We just bought it and it was an inherited house. The seller didn’t want to fool with any of the repairs or the clean-out or anything like that. He basically just called us. We made him a cash offer and we closed about two weeks later, actually on the day that he chose because he was off work today. So, it worked out great. He’s happy. He’s got his money and moved on to other things and we have a new project to work on here.

If you have a house that’s similar to this, maybe you inherited it, anywhere in Central Florida, or anywhere in the Orlando area, we’d like to make you a cash offer on it. Just give us a call, or go on our website, We’ll come out and take a look at the house and make you a cash offer on it. It’s a guaranteed closing, closing in about two weeks usually, and we’ll buy it as-is. You don’t have to make any repairs. You don’t even have to clean it out. You can leave basically everything just like these people did. You can have cash in your hand and walk away and be done with the house.

If that interests you, go to and submit your property information. We’ll get in contact with you and we’ll get the ball rolling. Again, my name is Matt, I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you in the next video.

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