We Bought a Mobile Home in Astatula, FL with Harris Chain of Lakes Access! (VIDEO)

Buying a Mobile Home With Chain of Lakes Access in Astatula, FL (Lake County)

Hey, it’s Matt with My Florida Home Buyers. And today I’m standing outside of a house that we just purchased right here in Astatula, Florida. Let’s take a look.

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Like I said, this house is located in Astatula, Florida. It’s in Lake County, just outside of Orlando. And the cool thing about this house is it’s actually on the water. It has canal access that goes out to Little Lake Harris and the Harris Chain of Lakes. I’ll show you that in just a second, but first, this is the kinda the front of the house. It’s a manufactured home, a mobile home, like a double-wide, and it sits longways on the lot. This is like one of the ends of it out here at the street, and then there’s also this big carport here. One of the major issues with this house is the roof is leaking and it’s leaking down inside the house, actually into one of the bathroom walls, which I’ll show you. We definitely gotta get that fixed and then there are some other issues I’ll show you when we get inside. Basically, this was an inherited house. Someone inherited this house and then we sold it from them, and we’re gonna take care of making all the repairs so that they don’t have to basically. Let me take you inside the house and I’ll show you what’s going on inside.

Inside the inherited house in Astatula, FL

I’m walking inside the house now. This is a two-bedroom, two-bath house, and there’s another room that’s kinda like a den. It’s a bedroom without a closet basically, so it could be a three-bedroom if a closet was added. I’m walking inside.

The kitchen needs some work

This is the kitchen area here. And it looks okay at first glance, but once you get up close, you’ll realize that a lotta these cabinets are that mobile home, kinda like builder-grade cabinets. All the laminate is peeling, there’s a lotta water damage from leaks and stuff like that. They’re not as nice as they seem. We’re probably gonna end up ripping this whole kitchen out and replacing it. Another issue with this kitchen is or with the whole house, rather, it has tile on the floor throughout the house. And when you put tile in a mobile home, there are always issues. And you can see here in the kitchen where the flooring has actually buckled. The tiles came loose and separated from the subfloor, and that always happens when you put tile over a wood subfloor, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. I see it all the time and it’s one of the reasons I’m not a fan of putting tile over anything except for a concrete slab. That’s kind of the result of that. We’ll have to fix that. I don’t know if we’re gonna re-tile or re-floor the whole house and remove all this tile or if we can just do it in the kitchen, but something will have to be done with that.

The seller left behind a lot of stuff

I’m over in the living room area. It’s kinda like a big great room, living room, combination room here. And you can see there’s still a lot of furniture and it’s all in pretty good shape. This furniture, we’re gonna have to find somewhere to donate it or do something with it because it’s not, I mean, there’s a leather sofa and stuff like that. It’s not really in the condition that we can just throw it into a dumpster. We wouldn’t feel right about that. We’ll find something to do with it. That’s the living room, kitchen area back there.

I’m gonna walk back towards the back of the house here. This is actually the den, office, bedroom without a closet, whatever you wanna call it here. You can see there are a few things they left behind that we’ll have to clear out, but other than that, it’s just a pretty typical bedroom. I’m gonna walk back here. Next, we’ve got the laundry room. Pretty standard laundry room. They left the washer and dryer, which we’ll probably get rid of. Next, we have a bathroom here, which is in pretty good shape. But if we’re doing cabinets in the kitchen, we’ll probably replace the vanity in there as well. And then this is one of the actual bedrooms here. You can see they left a TV and a bed and a dresser and some other things. We still got a little bit of cleaning out to do over here.

The master suite of the inherited house in Astatula, FL

And then, this on the very back of the house, this is the master suite and it spans the entire width of the mobile home. It’s a double-wide mobile home. So it’s pretty big in here. We’ve got two big closets on the end there and or one big closet with two doors. And yeah, two windows, plenty of room in the master suite here.

The roof is leaking into the master bathroom

Now, this is the master bathroom over here to the side. And this is what I was talking about earlier with the roof leak that’s kind of gotten inside. It’s actually come in right here on this wall. Evidently, the roof is leaking up here somewhere and the water is traveling down through here. And you can see all the holes and stuff that the seller punched in the wall to try to figure out where the water was coming in and all of that, but he wasn’t able to fix it ultimately. The roof still leaks, so we’re in the process of getting a roof put on or getting a roof quote at least. And then you can see right there, there’s one of those big jetted tubs that they always put in mobile homes that no one will ever use. And then this over here is the shower. And this is the wall with the leak in it. I don’t know, we looked inside the wall briefly. We didn’t see any water dripping off of the plumbing. It looked like it was coming from the roof. But there’s a good chance the shower may need to be ripped out and redone as well, just from looking at it. It doesn’t look like it was done quite right. And if something’s not done correctly, we normally will go out of our way to fix it ’cause we don’t wanna sell a house to somebody that later on down the road they have problems with.

The backyard and canal that leads to the Harris Chain of Lakes

Let me take you out back and I’ll show you the water. I just walked out back here. It’s got like a nice little deck on the back, screened-in deck. And you can see down here, we’ve got a boathouse with a boat lift, which is pretty cool. And this deep water canal that goes right out to Little Lake Harris. And this house actually is kinda on the corner, so you’ve got canal frontage on both sides, which is pretty cool. This will be a nice little place for somebody once it’s fixed up and renovated. It’s got a few little issues, but we’ll take care of ’em and get this thing back to 100% and make this a nice house for somebody to live in.

We buy inherited houses in Astatula, FL

As I said, this is an inherited house, a probate house. What ended up happening was, the person who lived here passed away. The son actually came down to take care of things and kinda realized that the roof was leaking, got the issues with the bathroom, there’s the tile in the kitchen that’s buckling up. And he realized it had some issues that needed to be fixed before he could sell it. He was from South Carolina. He had come down here to kinda take care of his father’s estate and didn’t really wanna fool with all the hassles and expense of putting the house back together, making the repairs, getting things back to 100% in order to sell it. So he decided to call us. He might’ve submitted his information on the website. Either way, he got in contact with us. We came out, met with him, I took a look at the house, made him a cash offer on it, and we closed about two weeks later. He’s good to go. He’s got his cash. He’s back up in South Carolina and he doesn’t have to worry about the house anymore, and now we’re here, we’ve got a renovation project on our hands. It was a win-win for everyone involved.

Do you have an inherited house to sell in Astatula, FL?

If that sounds like something that would interest you, a cash offer on your house, maybe you inherited the house, maybe you just own it and you don’t wanna deal with the hassles of a real estate agent. Give us a call or go on our website, MyFloridaHomeBuyers.com. Just submit your property information, we’ll get in contact with you, and we’ll get the ball rolling for you. Again, my name is Matt. I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you in the next video.

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