We Buy Mobile Homes In Altoona, Florida (VIDEO)

Buying a Mobile Home to Rent in Altoona, FL (Lake County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers and today I’m standing outside of a house that we just purchased here in Altoona, Florida. This happens to be a mobile home. We buy mobile homes in Central Florida as long as they include the land underneath. This is in Northern Lake County just on the Southern border of the Ocala National Forest. And in fact, the ranger station for the forest is right across the street. We just bought this house at a foreclosure auction last week. We’ve just got the power turned on and I’m just out here trying to see what works, what doesn’t work, and to get a game plan together in order to get this house renovated and back to 100%. I don’t know much about the sellers other than the fact that they got foreclosed on, so there’s not much to discuss as far as their situation but I will show you the house, the inside, the outside, and all the little weird things that I found as I walked through.

The Exterior of the Mobile Home

Walking around the outside of this house, you can definitely tell that it needs a roof. It looks like 3-tab shingles. We buy mobile homes, and they almost always have 3-tab shingles. This house was manufactured in 2008 which makes it about 12 years old. 3-tab shingles typically last between 12 and 15 years in Florida, so they’re coming right up on the end of their life. We’ll probably have to end up replacing the roof.

As you walk around to the backyard, you can tell that the house is pretty dirty. It needs some pressure washing and stuff like that done. They’ve opened up paneling to get underneath the house. I don’t know why, but I guess we’ll find out eventually. And then this whole backyard is dirt because there were some dirt piles here and we had to spread them out to get them out of the way and there wasn’t much grass, to begin with. So, we ended up with a dirt backyard. But we did put seed down, so hopefully, that takes. Other than that it’s just a pretty standard mobile home with not a whole lot going on. The AC is still here and hasn’t been stolen and we just got the power turned on. We’ve also got to get these steps put back where they’re supposed to be. But, other than that, it’s a pretty typical mobile home. I’m gonna walk around the front and I’ll show you the inside.

Now, as I’m walking back around front, I did want to mention that one of the biggest detractors from this house is the road noise. Highway 19 is right there, and I’m sure you can hear it on the camera. It’s pretty noisy. That’s probably one of the biggest downsides to this actual house.

The Interior of the Mobile Home

Now, going inside you’ll notice that it’s just a typical mobile home. There’s not really a whole lot out of the ordinary or interesting. You can tell they’ve done some painting and stuff like that, but otherwise, it’s a pretty typical mobile home. You can see the kitchen here. The bank has left a dehumidifier here that we’ll add to our collection. All of the cabinets and countertops are in pretty decent shape. As you can see, it’s not really busted up. We’ve got a smoke detector battery to replace. I can hear it chirping. But all in all, not in too bad of shape, which I was surprised by.

Guest Bedrooms

This is one of the bedrooms here. And you can see, they ripped out all the flooring. I’m assuming the bank probably did that. That’s typically what banks do. And here we’ve got a mix of linoleum and the OSB flooring. All of the bedrooms have these nice big walk-in closets. So that’s a plus. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house.

Guest Bathroom

Going into the guest bathroom here. The tub is kind of nasty. Someone will have fun cleaning that out. One of the other things I noticed in this guest bathroom is this vent fan. Someone took thumbtacks and paper and completely blocked it off. And then if you look over here at the button, it says, “Don’t push” and they’ve actually taped it off. I don’t really know what will happen if I do push it. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t, I don’t know. I’m gonna push it. All right, nothing happens. So, it says don’t push, nothing happens. Maybe something did happen and I didn’t see it. I don’t know.

Living Room

So out here, this is the living room. One of the funny things about this house that I noticed right away, see all this dirt on the floor? Now, typically when you pull up carpet there’s some dirt underneath the carpet just because your vacuum cleaner will never pick up all the dirt that’s under there, but I’ve never quite seen this much dirt. Like, there’s a beach in here pretty much. I mean, this is, you can kick this with your foot. I mean, it’s pretty dirty. I’ve never seen that much dirt come up when carpet was pulled up before. So, I’m glad the carpet was gone before we got the house.

Master Bedroom

So, this is the master bedroom here with another walk-in closet, which is kind of nice. And then we’ve got the master bathroom here. It has a shower and a separate garden tub. There’s also this piece of drywall that is actually the cover for the water heater, which is in the closet. One of the worst things about mobile homes is how they put the water heaters in the wall and then screw drywall over it.

And now we’re back out into the kitchen. So, yeah, like I said, not much going on here other than the weird buttons that are taped up everywhere that say “Don’t push,” or “Leave on” or whatever. There’s another one over by the front door, that’s all taped up. So they were particular about their switches in this house. You can see how they’ve duct-taped it. There’s one on the back door that’s the same way. So, you didn’t come to this house and push their buttons without their permission, I guess.

This Mobile Home Should Make a Great Rental Property

All right, so that about wraps up the video. As I said, we bought this house at a foreclosure auction. There’s not really much to say on the seller side other than they got foreclosed on and we ended up with it. The plan for this house is to turn it into a rental property. We’re gonna get it renovated and rented out. A lot of the houses we buy, we actually renovate and resell, but occasionally we’ll keep one as a rental and this happens to be one. It fits all of our criteria and it’s nice and close to our area so that we can manage it and maintain it. So, I guess now we got to get to work, get this thing cleaned up, and get a tenant in here.

We Buy Mobile Homes in Altoona and the Rest of Central Florida

So, if you have a house to sell, even if it’s a mobile home anywhere in Central Florida, we’d love to come take a look at it and make you a cash offer on it and see about buying it from you. We buy mobile homes all over Central Florida. They have to include the land underneath though. So if you’re paying lot rent and you’re in a mobile home park, it’s probably not something we’re gonna be able to help you out with. But if you have a mobile home like this one here that actually includes the land underneath and you have a tax ID or an alternate key number, that’s definitely something that we’d be interested in buying from you. So, give us a call or go on our website, www.MyFloridaHomeBuyers.com. We buy mobile homes anywhere in the Central Florida area. We can pay you cash. We buy mobile homes as-is, just like this one here. You don’t have to make any repairs and we can close in about two weeks usually. So, and it’s a guaranteed closing. We’re not gonna wholesale it or try to sell the contract or anything like that. We’ll actually close on it and take title. And that’s why we can actually offer you a guaranteed closing when a lot of other companies can’t do that. So again, my name is Matt and I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you in the next video!

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