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What We Do and How We Can Help | Cash Home Buyers in Central Florida
Video Transcription

Matt Buttner: Hi. My name is Matt Buttner. I am a licensed real estate broker, and I’m also the owner of My Florida Home Buyers. So I just wanted to make a video and tell you a little bit about My Florida Home Buyers, what we do, and how we can potentially help you with your real estate situation. So My Florida Home Buyers is a real estate solutions company. We are cash home buyers in the Central Florida area, and basically we can help you out in situations where you otherwise would be stuck, basically. So anything from foreclosure, you’re behind on your payments, maybe you owe unpaid property taxes, HOA liens, code enforcement liens. Maybe you have a bad tenant in the property that you can’t get out, or even squatters. Maybe you inherited a property or it’s going through probate. Maybe there’s fire damage or sinkhole damage, a tree through the roof, major repairs, anything like that. That’s the kind of stuff that we can help you out with, and we’ve got 10 years of experience doing this.

So there’s a good chance that we can probably help you out in most situations. Now, just because we are cash home buyers doesn’t mean that we will always recommend that we buy your house. In fact, we tell people quite often that we are not the best solution for their problem, and we actually, a lot of people, we tell them hey, go ahead and list it with a realtor, because that’s going to be your best solution for your problem. So basically what we’ll do is we’ll listen to your situation, figure out what’s going on, and then we’ll come up with a game plan for you so that we can recommend a path moving forward that will give you the best results. So whether we refer you to an agent, or whether we buy the house, it’s all about helping you with your situation and not necessarily what’s best for us as far as buying your house.

So if we do buy your house, we can pay cash. We can close fast. We can close in as little as seven days. We don’t require any repairs to be made. You don’t even have to clean up the property. There are no fees or commissions. We buy the property in its current, as-is condition, and we can actually guarantee a closing because we actually have cash in-house, so we don’t have to rely on banks or financing or anything like that. So if you have a property to sell, get in touch with us. Like I said, even if we don’t buy it, we’ll recommend the best option for you and tell you what your options are and try to help you out with whatever situation you’re in. Just give us a call or submit your information through the site, and we’ll get working on it for you.

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