We Bought This Inherited House in Eustis Fast Despite $70k in Code Enforcement Liens and Squatters! (VIDEO)

Buying a House With Squatters and $70k in Code Enforcement Liens in Eustis, FL (Lake County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers and today I’m standing outside of an inherited house that we just purchased fast right here in Eustis, Florida which is in Lake County, Florida. This house is pretty rough. There were actually squatters living inside at one point, so they’ve kind of destroyed the place. They were camped out inside the house for who knows how long. The back door is actually kicked open, so the house is unsecured right now, but we’re gonna change that here shortly. So, in this video, I’ll take you through the house, show you what’s going on, and I’ll tell you about how we helped the previous owners sell their inherited house in Eustis fast.

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We Buy Inherited Houses In Eustis, FL

One of the cool things about this house in Eustis is that we actually flipped the house across the street a few years back, and we ended up rescuing a cat from that house. There was a cat living under that house, and it actually lives at my parents’ house now because they adopted it. The people who owned that house left the cat behind when they moved, and fortunately, we were able to give it a good home.

Just by looking at this house in Eustis, you can tell it’s in pretty rough shape. The roof is obviously in need of replacing. We’ve also got some windows busted open, and a “no trespassing” sign that didn’t do any good. It’s just a little wood-frame house and it’s got aluminum siding on it.

I’ll walk around back here because as I said, the only way to get into the house right now is to go in through the back where the door was kicked open. You can see there’s another window busted out here. So, this house in rough shape. Usually, when the squatters get ahold of houses they do a number on them. I’m just walking around the back here. I’ll show you the backyard and then we’ll go inside.

The lady that owned the house passed away years ago, and the people who inherited the house just now got around to selling it. There were some title issues that we were able to work through with them in order to get it sold. The folks who inherited this house in Eustis were located out of state and they didn’t have time to come down to Florida and take care of this house. We paid cash, closed really fast considering the title issues that we thought we were going to have to work through, and now they’ve got their cash and they don’t have to worry about this house in Eustis anymore.

This is the back of the house here. You can see it’s very, very overgrown. It does have a pretty big backyard. There’s a nice little shed here that I think we’re going to save. I think this house is going to be a rental property in Eustis for us. There’s a piece of broken fence which may be how the squatters are coming and going. Now, let me take you inside and I’ll show you what’s going on in there.

Inside the Squatter House in Eustis, FL

Alright, so walking inside of the squatter house in Eustis. This door is the back door to the garage. It’s been completely kicked open, so I can’t actually lock it at the moment. We’re going to go get some lumber and board it up. This is the garage here. Just a one-car garage. You can see people have been in here tearing through things, and it’s even worse inside.

Let me take you inside the actual house here. This is the kitchen and it’s pretty disgusting. There are rat droppings just about everywhere, so there have been rats in here. You can see there’s just food and trash all over the floor. I think I feel fleas biting my ankles.

There are some sheets over the windows. This would be the living room here on the other side of the kitchen. It’s a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house. I’m not sure of the square footage, but it’s just a little house here in Eustis.

This is a porch out the back. I don’t know why all of the insulation has been torn down. There’s not really a roof leak right here, so I don’t know if somebody just decided to rip it down or what. Who knows what was going on in here.

You can see the squatters have kicked apart the closet door. Just about anything that they could break, they did, which is typical of squatters. I mean, look at this. This is the door to the bathroom. You can see how they busted it all up.

This is just a standard little bathroom. It’s pretty disgusting now. It smells horrible because they’ve been using the toilet without any running water or utilities here.

This is a bedroom here. This is the one from outside with a window broken open and you can see there are mattresses and all kinds of stuff in here. Then over this way goes back out to that porch that I showed you. Somebody has kicked the door off the hinges and everything else.

There’s one more bedroom over here. In this bedroom, you can see there’s a mattress on the floor over here. It looks like somebody may have been staying here recently because there’s a book and a beer can and some cigarettes and stuff like that. So, somebody was posted up in here, I’d say fairly recently. Hopefully, they don’t come back. If they do come back, they’re going to have a hard time getting in because we’re gonna screw everything shut and secure the property.

Overall, this house in Eustis is pretty rough. There’s not a whole lot of stuff left inside, but it’s definitely disgusting. There are rat droppings everywhere. I’m fairly confident that I am getting bit by fleas, which I guess is part of the job at this point. We’re going to get our clean-out guys in here. We’re going to get everything trashed out and then start renovating the house. It’s going to be quite an extensive renovation because everything is so old. It’s a 1950’s house and all of the wiring and plumbing has to be redone.

Sell Your Inherited House in Eustis Fast

The people who sold us this house in Eustis actually inherited it. Their family member passed away years ago and left the house to them. The house sat vacant for quite a while after they inherited it. I think they were trying to decide whether they wanted to renovate it and try to resell it or if they were just going to sell it fast as is. They’re located out of state, and it’s really difficult to renovate a house or take care of issues when you’re that far away from the property. Then, the squatters broke into the house. The City of Eustis was fining them daily for code enforcement liens on the property. Everything just kind of built up to a point where they decided to sell their inherited house in Eustis fast for cash and be done with it. Basically, they wanted to move on and not worry about the house in Eustis anymore. It was getting to the point where either the squatters were going to burn it down or the code enforcement liens were going to become so high that they were never going to be able to get out from under them.

The sellers went to our website and submitted their property information. We came out and looked at the house. It was easy to get inside because the squatters had already kicked open the door for us. So, we just walked inside and took a look. We made them a cash offer on their house in Eustis and then closed shortly thereafter. This closing took a bit longer because we had code enforcement liens and title issues that had to be resolved. I think it took about three weeks, but in the end, it was all resolved and we closed on it. They sold their inherited house in Eustis fast. They’ve got cash in their hands and they don’t have to worry about the house anymore.

Another cool thing about this house in Eustis was that we were able to save the sellers a ton of money on litigation to resolve a title issue. The house was in a trust and the trust agreement was missing. A local attorney had actually told the seller that it was going to cost around $6,000 in order to clear the title before they could sell the house they inherited in Eustis. They thought that’s what they were going to have to do. Luckily, we work with an experienced real estate attorney and he was able to fix the title issue without charging the sellers $6,000.

That was great news and it saved the sellers a ton of money on legal fees and litigation that they would have had to pay to sell their inherited house in Eustis fast because that other attorney didn’t quite understand what he was dealing with. So if you’re in a situation with a weird title issue, contact us first and we’ll run it by our attorney. A lot of times it can save you a lot of money over dealing with someone less experienced.

So, that’s the situation with this inherited house in Eustis. It was just an inherited house that squatters broke into. It’s in pretty rough shape. We’ll get in here and get it cleaned up and renovated. I think this house is going to be a rental for us.

If you have a house to sell in Eustis or Lake County that you inherited, we’d like to buy it. We buy houses in Eustis anywhere in Central Florida. Just submit your property information on our website. We’ll reach out to you and set an appointment to see the property. We’ll make you a cash offer on your inherited house in Eustis and close fast in about two weeks. This house in Eustis took a bit longer because of the extra title work, but closing usually takes about two weeks. You’ll walk away with cash in your hand. There are no closing costs or real estate commissions for you to pay. We’ll buy the house as-is. You won’t have to clean it up or get rid of squatters. You can just be done with it and move on to whatever is next in your life.

If that sounds like something that you’re interested in, just submit your property information on our website and we’ll get the ball rolling for you. Again, my name is Matt and I’m with My Florida Home Buyers. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you in the next video.

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