The Bathroom Layout In This Tavares, FL Multifamily Duplex Is Bizarre! (VIDEO)

Getting Ready to Renovate a Duplex in Tavares, FL (Lake County)

Hey, this is Matt with My Florida Home Buyers, and today I’m standing outside of a multifamily property, a duplex, that we purchased a little while back in Tavares, Florida, over here in Lake County, Florida. In a previous video, I showed you this unit over here because that’s the one that was empty at the time. Now I’m going to show you this unit of the duplex over here. I especially want to show you the bizarre bathroom layout in this unit. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. So let’s go ahead and take a look!

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We Buy Duplexes In Tavares, FL

Now, this is a duplex in Tavares, FL. This is a small multifamily property. We buy multifamily properties in Tavares, in Lake County, and in the rest of Central Florida. We buy houses as well as multifamily properties. If you have a small duplex, triplex, or quadplex, anywhere in Central Florida, whether it’s in Lake County or not, maybe it’s right here in Tavares – we’d be interested in making you a cash offer on it. We can purchase it as-is.

We can even buy it with the tenants in place, so you don’t have to go through the process of evicting the tenants. You don’t have to be the bad guy. When the time comes for the sale you can just sell it to us. We’ll take over. It’s a seamless transition for the tenants and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

A lot of times, people who own small multifamily properties in Tavares rely on the monthly income. If it’s a situation where you don’t want to deal with the tenants and the repairs anymore, but you still want to collect a check every month, we’d be happy to work out some sort of owner financing arrangement with you. That way you’ll get the money every month without having to make repairs and collect rent. You can basically just be the bank, live the easy life, and get checks in the mail every month. If that’s something that appeals to you, we can work out something like that.

We buy houses and small multifamily properties – duplexes, triplexes quadplexes – anywhere in Tavares and the rest of Central Florida. Now let me show you this duplex!

A Tour of the Duplex in Tavares, FL

I’m walking through the living room area here. There’s the front door, and it basically just has this little living space here, the living room area. And then I guess where I’m standing now would be like the dining room.

And then off the side here, there’s just a little bitty kitchen. You can tell the cabinets are kind of old. We’re probably going to rip all those out and replace them. It’s easier to do that than to try to save them or make any repairs. And then this little range over here is just on this little wall, stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no countertop or anything near it. I’d say all in all this kitchen is maybe 8 ft by 8 ft. It’s a very, very small kitchen.

And you’ll see why here in just a second because I’m going to show you this bizarre bathroom situation. So, it has one full bathroom total, but there are two rooms for it. And I’ll show you that in just a second here.

First, this is a bedroom here, just a little standard bedroom, you know maybe 10 by 11, 10 by 10, something like that. And then there’s another bedroom over here. So there are two bedrooms. Nothing super interesting about those.

The Bizarre Bathroom Layout

Now the bathroom situation. So I’m in the hallway here. As I said, there are two bathrooms but they equal one full bathroom, I guess. So this looks like the bathroom here, right? You’ve got a tub and shower combo and a vanity. The only problem is there’s no toilet. So you can see where the toilet should be which is right down here. But, there’s no toilet there.

Instead, you come back out into the hallway into this other bathroom and this bathroom actually has the toilet and the vanity. So you have two vanities, a toilet, and a shower/tub combo split between two rooms which is super bizarre and super weird. I don’t know why they chose to do that, but they did. So yeah, two rooms.

The funny thing is there’s even space for the toilet. Like there’s room there. They could have easily stuck that toilet right there where it should have been. It’s like they just decided to move it and put it over here which doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

And if you look at it, you can see the kitchen’s down there. So they put in this additional room for this bathroom at the expense of the kitchen. That’s why the kitchen is so small.

So we’re going to have to figure out something in here to fix this, because I don’t know that I can leave it like this, just with how bizarre it is. There’s no reason to have it like that. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw the property when we went to buy it. And I said the minute I can get in there and renovate it I’m gonna put it back how it’s supposed to go.

The Utility Room and Backyard

So now I’m walking towards the back here. This is the laundry room. These units actually have laundry rooms built-in inside. And there’s nothing too strange in here. Water heater, some shelving, washer and dryer hookups, that sort of thing.

But, I noticed there’s this mesh, this metal mesh stuff screwed all the way around the window here at the back door to the backyard. And they also put it around the attic access. So I don’t know if that was like for security, maybe? I mean, it makes more sense on the door. I don’t know why they would’ve put it on the attic access. Not many burglars come through the attic, but that’s what they did. So kind of strange, but we’ll get it fixed up. So I’ll take you out here to the backyard and show you that.

All right. So this is the backyard here. Nice little fenced-in backyard. And like I said, this is a duplex. So the other unit over there – we’ve already got that one rented out. And now it’s time to get this one cleaned up here. So you can see the tenants that moved out left quite a bit of stuff. And we’ve got a few trees here that we’re going to have to cut down and get rid of because they’re not doing anybody any good. But this is kind of what they left. There’s not a whole lot of stuff, but we’ll get it cleaned up and outta here, some ladders and some other stuff here. So we’ll get it cleaned up and ready to rent out to somebody else.

So let me take you back through the inside and we’ll wrap up this video. So there’s not much to see on this one. It’s just a little two-bedroom, one-ish bathroom, duplex in Tavares. That bathroom situation is just ridiculous, but like I said we’ll get it fixed and we’ll figure out some other way to lay it out so that the kitchen maybe has a little more space and you don’t have that unnecessary second bathroom half bathroom, third bathroom. I don’t know what you call it. A five-eighths bath? I don’t know.

We Buy Multifamily Properties In Tavares, FL

So, but like I said if you have a duplex or other small multifamily property just like this one in Tavares, you know, maybe you’ve got bad tenants and they’re not paying rent. That’s a big issue for a lot of people right now. We’ll buy it with the tenants in there and then we’ll take care of evicting them. So you don’t have to worry about all the time and expense and attorneys and court appearances and all that. You can just sell your Tavares duplex or multifamily property to us and be done with it.

If that’s something that you want to do. So we buy small multifamily properties – duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes anywhere in Tavares, anywhere in Lake County, Florida, or anywhere in Central Florida. And like I said, we can pay you cash. We can close quickly. We’ll pay all your closing costs. There are no Realtor commissions or anything like that. And yeah, we’ll buy it with the tenant in any condition, and then we’ll take care of your Tavares duplex or multifamily property and you won’t have to deal with it anymore.

So if that’s something that interests you, go on our website, just submit the information about your duplex or multifamily property and we’ll get in contact with you and get the ball rolling. So again, my name is Matt I’m with My Florida home buyers. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you in the next video.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Central Florida. We pay CASH, and we buy FAST. No fees, no commissions, and no obligations. Get started by providing us with some information about your property, or give us a call at (352) 519-4512...
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